Jay Shree swaminarayan god world best

Swaminarayan Dharma teaches to love all, respect all and leave as entire world is family.

Swaminarayan set the high morals used in everyday life with a modern cultural touch it is a beautiful religion with a great spiritual leader who has touched the lives of countless aspirants and brought the best out of the world bringing culture to a diverse range on the planet.

Its BEST among all with highest foundation on Hindu Scriptures, total non-violence doctrines, prosperity for one and all, respect to all religion and living a pious and simple contended happy life with all good habits.

Nothing without Supreme lord Shree Swaminarayan!

It is a best religion on the world

BAPS Swaminarayan is not just a religion but it is an organization that help people around the world. As in India, we provide supplies and we have very beautiful mandirs around the world. This is part of Hinduism. As you can see anywhere in the US we raise money for charities and have walkathons. Swaminarayan is probably the best thing that has happened to me!

I wont be here and people voting now wont be here too but people in future, you guys will see only Swaminarayan dharma will be chanted. Having said this not to discriminate any religion, as they are right in their own place but when it comes to Ultimate Reality (moksha) no religion guarantees except Swaminarayan. And as my guru said within next 500 years all will be chanting Swaminarayan. So it will.

This is the only dharma which has divine grace by it's saints. And lord Swaminarayan was the only god who came on the earth to kill EGO-prejudice-etc with only one chant SWAMINARAYAN SWAMINARAYAN SWAMINARAYAN.

I was born into this religion. I have learnt a lot from attending weekly assemblies. BAPS caters for all ages from 0 onwards. There are activities for all, from 0 to 5, 6 to 13, 14 to 23, 24 to 40 and finally the 40 onwards all have their own assemblies. I am a teenager now and I always loom forward to going every Saturday to the Temple. We have lots of festivals, activities, sponsored walks and lots more. It is fun and we get to learn about our religion and culture.

Very logical, practical, pure and peaceful religion. It gave me sensible answers to my all questions regarding very complex spiritual things which others failed to do so.

Swaminarayan also know as Sahajanand Swami, is the central figure in a modern sect of Hinduism known as the Swaminarayan Hinduism. Estimated of approximately 40 millions followers by today.

Best religion ever ever of the world

This is the best Hindu religion on earth which gives practical application of Dharma, Gnan (spiritual knowledge), and Vairagya (detachment) and Bhakti (Devotion) towards God in one's life. Besides this Swaminarayan organization, constantly do volunteerism: helping people or other organization in need with no profit of their own. That's one of the point which makes this organization unique. Jai Swaminarayan to all.

-- Proud to be Hindu. Proud to be Swaminarayan.

It is the best religious in world. It is not only teaching you spirituality but also guiding you towards how to live a life.

Their Rules, followers, Peace and cleanliness in Temples... Lots of positive things... What none can have. People really can concentrate for their altimate salvation. Moreover, there is constant religious discourses provide unique answers to our daily problems.
Swaminarayan believes into transformation of life and not in the transformation of your actual religion. Even, I had seen, they donate for Church also. What huge and broad and bold thoughts.

It connects the reality. Practical connection with inner soul. Family values as well as the spiritual knowledge.

The Swaminarayan religion is the greatest foundation for future Youths! It provides them knowledge, discipline and teaches them to become a true human being!

It is only one religion where is highly following the Hindu rules ans regulations.

It's solution of biggest disease, birth and death that every soul carries since billions of years. It's only religion in world which have presences of God in form of true GUNATIT SAINT, who Libre at soul from death and birth cycle. In addition devotee of this religion lives pious life.

Best practice followed by the followers as per shilsjapatri

Is the best religion in all over the world because this religion took all good source of activity and acts as well to live better life, mahatma Gandhi and Hitler told that, if people follow the Swaminarayan religion 100% than we don't even need Police to control people n crime. It works it self. And more to add in, this religion took all good vertual things from all other religion in it. In this religion there are many Muslim's - Islamic's, Parsi's, Jains, Shiva bhakta's too... In short I can say, it covers whole Humanity and nothing is bigger n best than this.
I didn't mean to disrespect any religion or I do not wants to hurt anybody's feeling.
Thanking you all
God bless

Teaches right way of living the life with the principle that's helpful in any era.

Lord swaminarayan gave the best of explaination of the goal of human life. In today's world when most religion teach killing animals for food, its only lord swaminarayan who preach the way to live without harming any one, not even animals and live peacefully n achive the goal of "moksh (means to get rid of all bodily desires n merge our soul with god). When other religion teach to nourish bad desires or say lust towards money n sex, its only Hinduism who teach the people what is the meaning of the life. To pave the way to nourish the desires is not the religion but to get moksha instead of running towards materialistic life is the goal n that what lord swaminarayan teach the human being but people just like easy thing 2 follow n believe it as a great religion which is unfortunate.

I have been following this religion for past 10 years and wish had learnt about it ages ago as the best ever thing that has happened to me and enlightened my life and wish the same happens for others so please if you want to more go to BAPS organisation and learn for yourself how great it is. Good luck to all.