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1 Losing My Religion

Nice song really
Amazing, awesome
Must listen to this song at least once
that's me in the corner

Result of simple but perfect work... AWESOME - Nadeem777

Best song this song is better then any other REM song and that's a fact - xjrp11x

One of the greatest ever

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2 Everybody Hurts

Love this song... Reminds me of my dad. He always loved this song RIP dad x

I love this song - it is simply one of the best songs out there from any band, not just REM. It reminds you that life is hard for everyone, and sometimes we need to remember that.

This song was brought out the same day that my dad commit suicide and its just a lovely song.

Just Excellent!

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3 It's the End of the World as We Know It

Amazing Song first brought my eyes to R.E.M. It should be higher but I am glad if any song is beating it it's losing my religion

Even if you don't know all the lyrics, you should still love it. But, you love it more if you know all the lyrics.

Love it until the world ends.

For some reason I think of the Big Bang Theory whenever I hear this song. It brings many memories - SirSheep

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4 Man on the Moon

I'm glad "The One I Love" is near the top, it's great. But Man on the Moon is by far my favorite. It was hearing this and "It's the End of the World As We Know It" on the radio that got me into the band, and now I own their Greatest Hits record from the IRS years, which has some fantastic lesser known songs on their. If you haven't already heard it, give "So. Central Rain" a listen. It has that same fire as "The One I Love", with the same delicate swagger as "Losing My Religion".

It�'s a beautiful, beautiful song!

What can I say? I love those yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah. I love that "Hey baby"? I love the chorus that many band would have killed for. I love the guitar solos. I love the quiet part. And I love that repetition of the chorus at the end. EVERYTHING about this song is completely mind-blowing.

Man on the moon is the best song ever other than losing my religon

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5 The One I Love

This song is really good should be in top 3 please vote this song up great tune and guitar bass drumming is just the beat love this one been listing to this song near everyday

This song should be number 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 please vote this one up great guitar and tune its got a great beat it has such feeling love this song so much great guitar bass drum and singing all round good tune you would be crazy not to vote this song up - mneilan

Love this song should be number 7, 8 or 9 really good great singing guitar drums and bass vote this one up really catchy and a good tune vote this song up it's good

Simplicy and depth and emotion

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6 Drive

I adore this song, superb guitar riff and a edgy lyrics from Stipe. A very memorable opener to Automatic For The People

Definitely the best R.E.M. song ever. This song should be #1.

I found this song here last night and started listening to it. It is now my favorite REM song

Their best by far

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7 Nightswimming

This wonderful unique song brings back my childhood - carelessness, innocence, this feeling of security, warmth, lightheartedness, secrets, unconditional trusting,...This song offers the unique chance to bring back this time, its impressions and all the memories when needing them. Just love it!

I already knew the top 5 or so on this list before I really became an R.E.M. fan, but man, this song is what made me a fan. Nightswimming always puts a few tears in my eyes.

Such a beautiful and catchy song with a great vocal performance by stipe. Love it!

My favourite!

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8 Stand

This one should be in the top ten. Its really catchy with unique lyrics and almost has a message

This should really be in the top ten. Pure brilliance!

Super catchy song. Shocked it isn't in the top 5.

A happy song.

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9 Shiny Happy People

Always makes me smile when I hear this song

The backing vocals and harmonies make this my all time favourite

This song makes me happy! I also picture the moves from the music video, which make me laugh

Shiny happy people for the win. Great fun song

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10 Orange Crush

Orange Crush is the best REM song at least one of my favorites. It came at the time of the first Gulf was and made me think of my husband at the time overseas and now it reminds me of my son who is in the Army and been to Iraq.

Absolutely the Best! It is filled with energy and originality. Artisan Musicians to be Sure!

my favorite. its so catchy

The song that made me R.E.M fan in 80's. Still my favourite REM song

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11 The Great Beyond

This is so incredible, the lyrics. The message. The just all around incredble is one of the things that keeps me going in life!

Lyrics are just amazing, "pushing an elephant up the stairs" that part is enough

This song must be in top 10

Beautiful lyrics and song! Just listen

This song is one of those that brings back memories of a great time.that will always make it my favorite

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12 What's the Frequency, Kenneth?

Great track based on a unique, bizarre, jarring, and hilarious popular culture event. The music is catchy rock and contains a fun message about the media.

This was really to hard to choose, so many good REM songs, but this has 1 of the best opening REM riffs, just raw guitar, awesome into to an awesome song

One of the few times, REM changed pace enough to just plain rock. A slight departure from their usual mood and tempo, but one of their best.

What a great guitar MASTERPIECE

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13 Radio Free Europe

How on the earth this song can be on this position.
Even rolling stone magazine has put this song in their greatest songs list
Greatest REM songs are as follows-

1)Losing My Religion
3)It's The End Of The World
4)Everybody Hurts
5)Man On The Moon - MohitYadav

College bar 1985, cute girl to dance with, really? A better song than this? I think not.

Love this song. Its way better than losing my religion.

Excellent song, fantastic rhythm.

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14 Find the River

Joint with Man on the Moon, this song gets my vote for being largely unknown outside of R.E. M's own fanbase. What a gorgeous song with such fantastic imagery.

I remember hearing that this song was rems final song but I found out that it wasn't it would still make a great farewell song as it is so amazing and it provides such a good message

Somewhat overlooked, but it really is such a nice song. Of course, REM is amazing so they have lots of nice songs, but this one is really special

Can listen to this over and over and over for ever, the words, the music, the voice. There’s something haunting about it! Love it.

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15 Imitation of Life

this is by far "the greatest thing since bread came sliced", not making top ten is an absurdity, not making first place is blasphemy

I want the greatest song, the greatest song since bread came sliced to at least be in the top ten... This was the absolute last song by REM that got any radio play whatsoever, and happens to be one of the best.

This song is just beautiful and amazing. Should definitely be the the very first place!

Best melody of all REM songs, emotional, sad and happy at the same time.

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16 Country Feedback

One of the best R.E.M. song, my favorite one, associating great music with incredible lyrics, simply fantastic.

Not just REM's best, one of the best songs ever written.

I love the guitar solo on the version from R.E.M. 's Road Movie sound track.


17 Let Me In

The back story to this is sadder than the song itself. The day before Kurt Cobain died he was supposed to be picked up to go to Atlanta for a recording session with Stipe. As the story goes Michael Stipe sent a limo to pick him up. The Driver waited for him and knocked on the door and no one answered. Hence the title let me in.

18 Driver 8

Very catchy Riff, just a flat out awesome song, this should be in the top 5 at least.

I agree that this should be in the top 5 at least. One of their best.

Good guitar, super bass!

So so good - the various guitar sections are all such a joy to listen to and play! The lyrics capture that olde time American feel

19 Superman

A classic of alternative cool. Paradramtic and textured in tone, mood and ambiance. A yearning between youth and adulthood and all of the grey abysses between.

Underrated song. Should be in top 10

Should be top ten, at worst top 20.

college music at its finest

20 Daysleeper

Very nice song some good lines in there -

The best cut from a criminally underrated album.

The best chorus. So good.

21 E-Bow the Letter

I don't understand why this song is so far down the list? Please do yourself a favour, and listen to this song again, by yourself in a quiet place. Patti Smith's solo will give you goosebumps.

Best REM song... truly amazing. Patti Smith works perfectly with Michael. Also last album with the original band.

Such an amazing song

The lyrics here are great.

22 Fall on Me

Great romantic R.E.M. from their hey day

Encapsulates REM's musical style and political activity.

I think anything is better than Losing my Religion

Arguably R.E.M's first hit. Great song. - Metarock

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23 Pretty Persuasion

How can you not like this song?

24 Talk About the Passion
25 Supernatural Superserious

It may be new, but it is so badass - crazyeyes56

Amazinhg song, powerful, awesome lyrics and music. It is surely one of the best songs of this wonderful band

Right from that raw intro the song blisters along like a happy runaway train. They're enjoying themselves on this. Irresistable!

One of the most significative song of our time

26 The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite

Needs to be much higher love this song

Remember this one from my teenage years. Never really understood what it meant, but loved it just the same.

Great song I agree should be higher on the list

One of the most joyful songs I've ever heard!

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27 King of Comedy
28 Me in Honey

There are plenty of great tracks to vote for, buy I feel like this one should be higher. It's just simply great to listen to.

29 Oddfellows Local 151
30 Bad Day

Another great REM song...

Makes my days good...

31 Be Mine

One of the best R.E.M. love songs.

32 Uberlin

So much emotions in that song. Definitely my favorite.

The first song I heard by them, and still my favourite

One of their best, and last.

Should be in top 5

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33 At My Most Beautiful

I could listen to this song 8000 times and never get tired of it. Great song - CrowdedChisel

R. E. M. nailed a love song. Who'd'a thought?

34 Leaving New York

Reminds me of the love of my life. So yes, HUGE sentimental value and an equally haunting tune.

Love this melancholic song. Favorite line: "It's easier to leave than to be left behind"

Best song from a criminally underrated album in Around The Sun

35 Finest Worksong
36 Turn You Inside-Out

The guitar, the vocals, the drums, everything is amazing.

It's A Cool Song!

37 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

One of the most underrated songs ever! Pure brilliance!

My favorite song of theirs. There's just something about it that's so cool.

Surprised, I thought this would be higher.

My friend Gavin loves it!

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38 Strange Currencies

One of their best songs and yet nobody every seems to talk about.

Peter Buck at his best!

Best song on monster.

Amazing! Sooo underrated...

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39 How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us
40 South Central Rain

Great song! Early REM rules!

41 Electrolite

Beautiful song, never get tired of listening to it.

42 Leave

Whoever voted for this one - well done. I already put Supernatural... but this would be my second choice. The siren is awesome on it and gives the track a panicky feeling. Brilliant.

Best Lyrics ever written by R.E.M.

43 World Leader Pretend

I am listening to their music for nearly 30 years. And this song is my absolute favourite REM-Song.

This is actually my favorite R.E.M. song. Very underrated.

44 Bang and Blame

Greatest song ever

45 Near Wild Heaven

You have to hear it several times to love this song.

Very nice piece. Light but has a depth

46 Final Straw

Simplicity on an acoustic guitar but the song says so much...

47 Welcome to the Occupation

Very underrated.

48 Crush with Eyeliner

Thurston moore plays on this, enough said!

49 Perfect Circle

This is their best song.Beautiful,eerie,so self contained yet completely enveloping and enchanting.How this slice of heaven is down here stupefies me.

50 Pop Song 89

Should we talk about the weather? My, my high. Should we talk about the government?

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