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41 Feeling Gravity's Pull

A difficult song, but with a very nice passage. "When the light is mine":

42 Electrolite

Beautiful song, never get tired of listening to it.

43 Be Mine V 1 Comment
44 Ages of You V 1 Comment
45 Uberlin

So much emotions in that song. Definitely my favorite.

The first song I heard by them, and still my favourite

One of their best, and last.

Should be in top 5

V 2 Comments
46 She Just Wants to Be

Very underrated R.E.M. song that should've seen the light of day as a single

47 Sweetness Follows

One of the most beautiful songs on the beautiful "Automatic".

This is an incredibly underrated song.

V 1 Comment
48 (Don't Go Back To) Rockville

One of the most underrated songs ever! Pure brilliance!

My favorite song of theirs. There's just something about it that's so cool.

Surprised, I thought this would be higher.

My friend Gavin loves it!

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49 Aftermath

For some reason, I'm always playing '"Aftermath" in the car when there's a lovley view like a full moon or a low sun!

50 Finest Worksong
51 Welcome to the Occupation

Very underrated.

52 Turn You Inside-Out

The guitar, the vocals, the drums, everything is amazing.

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53 Strange Currencies

One of their best songs and yet nobody every seems to talk about.

V 4 Comments
54 11th Untitled Song

If this song had a title, it would be rated higher :) I really like this one.

55 How the West Was Won and Where It Got Us
56 Final Straw

Simplicity on an acoustic guitar but the song says so much...

57 Crush with Eyeliner

Thurston moore plays on this, enough said!

58 Perfect Circle

This is their best song.Beautiful,eerie,so self contained yet completely enveloping and enchanting.How this slice of heaven is down here stupefies me.

59 Try Not to Breathe

Probably the best song on Automatic. Makes me feel like I'm floating on air.

Yeah, this is my favorite R.E.M. song. Haunting lyrics, "I need you to rememberr..."

V 2 Comments
60 Near Wild Heaven

You have to hear it several times to love this song.

Very nice piece. Light but has a depth

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