Best Remix Albums of the 2000s


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1 J to tha L–O! The Remixes - Jennifer Lopez

Probably the only remix album that topped Billboard 200. Jennifer made a very interesting and catchy remixes. Some of them topped the charts in many countries. Also, the album is the 3d best-selling remix album of all time - Irina2932

2 Thalia's Hits Remixed - Thalia

Wonderful remixed collection of Thalia's latin superhits. It's one of the greatest remix albums I've ever heard - Irina2932

It contains remixes of many of her hits, such as "Amor a la Mexicana", "Piel Morena", "No Me Ensenaste" and "Tu y Yo. " The album contains the English version of "Arrasando", called "It's My Party" that was released only on CD single back in 2001. - Irina2932

3 Remixed & Revisited - Madonna

'You Can Dance' was brilliant but Madonna's 2nd remix album was cool too - Irina2932

4 B in the Mix: The Remixes - Britney Spears

Really decent Dance/Trance album from B. Spears - Irina2932

5 Un-Break My Heart: The Remix Collection - Toni Braxton

The remixed compilation presents itself as a continuous club mix. I agree. Great album - Irina2932

6 Metamorfoz Remixes - Tarkan
7 Relaxed & Remixed - Lighthouse Family

Not just good but GREAT remixed album from Lighthouse Family - Irina2932

8 This Is the Remix - Jessica Simpson

I didn't expect much from this album but it was decent. - Irina2932

9 Reanimation - Linkin Park

Surprisingly brilliant Remix/Dance album from Alternative Rock band Linkin Park - Irina2932

10 T.A.T.U. Remixes - T.A.T.U.

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11 B'z The "Mixture" - B'z
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