Hidden Gems #7 Resistance Fall Of Men

Do you ever wonder how you combine these solders and these aliens like things with 4 eyes well came a series that got my eye in 2006 to 2012 and that is Resistance a sony exclusive from the PS3 era. While the PS3 was my least of the main Sony consoles I did like some it's exclusive one being obviously resistance. Now I know there are two portable game, but this will be focused on it's main series.

Story: Now enter one of the most best underrated launch titles ever in it's first game, while is not the biggest blockbuster, but it gave me a huge imprecision for me that's for sure. Here your taking place in 1951 of a man named Nathan Hale an army ranger who was the only survivor of the infected virus by the Chimera the main antagonists of this game. You were sent as reinforcements to protect the civilians of Britain. As you progress through the game you notice that Hale has these gold demon like eyes well it is the infection well he has ''an innate resistance to full infection'' that he had survived that made him be still alive. You'd end up finding a British Intelligence officer named Rachel Parker who is also narrating the game as you have figured out to this point in time and is one of the main protagonist. During the war against the Chimera now the tide have almost turned in your favor as you meet British marines Commando leader Stephen Cartwright whom he and Hale both led a final attack on tower's power core in which they went in. Hale would go on alone as the Marine had been wounded and insisted he go on to destroy the tower in which you succeed only to know that you escape not with your allies, but more so either committing suicide or choosing to be taken in and leaves you to a sequel which it does hint.

Gameplay: The game itself kinda resembled Call of Duty only that this game has aged like a war game almost could of been on a PC kind of. The shooting is fast and responsive however at times I felt the way I move kinda either you most fast and then at times
not really much.

The multiplayer & Verdict: while I did not play unfortunately in it's time had up to 40 players so if kinda falls kinda like those battlefield games right where you'd have a ridiculous amount of players in there on each side all hell breaks loose well you can in a way thank this game for showing you can go the distance that isn't the standard issue of 18 players in a big lobby room. Does this game stand the test of time most likely no considering i'm not sure how many people will remember this series which the likes of Killzone which is the more memorable and still going sony exclusive that is a first person shooter as well. For me the first game of the series is one I really liked initially even if the PS3 was not my favorite of the bunch 8 out of 10.


I haven't played fall of man yet..(they have shut down servers...dang! ) but I played other resistance title like Retribution (loved it) and Burning skies(not so much..),on the pep and vita respectively. - Toucan