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61 CiCi's Pizza

Marconi Pizza awesome. Come on Bill Gates all you've done is Microsoft.

62 Sweet Tomatoes
63 Ruby Tuesday V 1 Comment
64 P.F. Chang's
65 Royal Farms
66 Papa John's
67 Robin's Nest
68 In-N-Out

For here or to go these burgers have the best tasting patties ever! So juicy that it makes me think of what secret ingredient they use to make such a tender and juicy burger

Dude these burgers have a good taste and they are made out of real meat.

V 1 Comment
69 Dad's Family Restaurant
70 Palio's
71 O'Charley's V 1 Comment
72 California Pizza Kitchen
73 The Mayflower
74 Wagamama

You know that "Wagamama" means selfish right? - Finn-Mordecai-Gumball

75 Boston Pizza

This pizza is not so bad after all! It really does have a juicy added flavor to it. Really, com on down and maybe buy three large pies of this pizza!

This is my favourite restaurant I always eat pizza here, a few people I know always eat here when they go to restaurants

76 Spizzico
77 Popeyes

How come this isn't above mcdonald's?! This is the BEST resturaunt EVER! The chicken and their fries there is amazing,you should try it.

78 Panera Bread Panera Bread Panera Bread Company is an American chain of bakery-café fast casual restaurants in the United States and Canada.

I love this place.. the food is so good.

St. Louis bread co. - Orlemley

79 Jollibee
80 RED Feltrinelli
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