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121 Coast to Coast

C2C is the best ever! They make delicious food, give the kiddies free ice cream (as part of the meal), but best of all, they give you jelly beans! I enjoy C2C!

122 Krispy Kreme

They have Doughnuts. Enough said. - RebelGamer

123 AJ's Ice Cream
124 San Marino
125 Ted's Bulletin
126 Eat'n Park
127 Lambert's

Just so you know there are only three of these in the world two places in Missouri and one in Alabama if you ever get the chance to eat here the wait is long but it'll be totally worth it it is so damn good

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128 PizzaExpress

This pizza does deserve the credit to at lest be in first place you know! Please don't listen to this list! This list is a lie! This pizza is genuinely the best!

129 Boston Market
130 Pepper Lunch
131 Montana's Cookhouse

Lovely. Amazing. Delicious. I love it.

This isn't a fast food list, this is a restraunt list. This is one of the best restraints I have ever been to and I was very disappointed to not see it on this so I thought I would add it.

132 Street Organics

Best food I've ever tasted! Seriously, go there!

Love their slice! Best on the planet!

133 Peri Peri Chicken
134 Toby Carvery

It's awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome and etc

135 Iron Skillet

Never heard of these places

136 Country Pride Restaurant
137 Huddle House V 1 Comment
138 Mikes
139 Dicky's Barbecue Pit
140 Bern's Steakhouse
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