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1 Emerald Sword Emerald Sword

This is a really great song, like the tone, liked the rhythm and the best of all, liked the drums, they had a really great drummer and that the base drum is really played well, also they have great vocals and great guitarists too!

with no doubt, their best masterpiece! - rock2metal

For the king, for the land, for the mountains! So good!

My favorite music.. best forever

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2 Symphony of the Enchanted Lands Symphony of the Enchanted Lands

This is their greatest song. 'Emerald Sword', 'Dawn of Victory', 'Holy Thunderforce', et cetera, are all great singles, but as a whole, Symphony of Enchanted Lands blows them out of the water. It's pure brilliance.

3 Queen of the Dark Horizon

A long epic that creates an incredible tale visually for the listener. Absolutely intense.

Black candles burning
Announce her come back
The reign is awaiting
The queen of the dead... of the dead!


My favorite RoF song - it's heavy, melodic, and wonderfully crafted musically!

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4 The Mystic Prophecy of the Demon Knight The Mystic Prophecy of the Demon Knight

Epic in every sense of the word. Makes the listener ready to fight.

I'm so drawn into the story, the starting and stopping. Such a great song.

What is this in 5th place? So much much more tracks are behind

5 Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness Gargoyles, Angels of Darkness

Listening this song while I am in the train station, surrounded by the crowd, I can't stop imagine how they could die in my hands.

Not an isntant hit, but in my opinion it's the best track ever in aspect of "how hard " to compose en epic, wonderful and LONG track

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6 Reign of Terror Reign of Terror

In my opion, this is the third best song of rhapsody after emerald and dawn of victory.

7 Lord of the Thunder Lord of the Thunder

This song is a truly masterpiece. Starting with amazing fabio's voice and then a half song solo, of pure neoclassical genius.
Really awesome

8 ACT III: The Ancient Fires of Har-Kuun ACT III: The Ancient Fires of Har-Kuun

This song just flat out gets me screaming Har-Kuunn! One of my VERY favorites by this incredible and unique band.

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9 Sacred Power of Raging Winds Sacred Power of Raging Winds
10 Eternal Glory Eternal Glory

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? Holy Thunderforce Holy Thunderforce

How is this not first? Everything is AWESOME!

This song must be third.

? Dawn of Victory Dawn of Victory

Just epic, excellent riff, lyrics and rhythm. This was the first Rhapsody song I heard and it was my fave... 'til today I haven't changed my mind.

It was literally so powerful it pierced through my 12 year long apathy, induced emotions I forgot for over a decade, and motivated me towards recovery. 5 years later I still listen to it and feel empowered.

When a friend asks me which highlighted song of rhapsody listen, I reply Dawn of Victory and Emerald Sword.

Generation music

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11 Wisdom of the Kings Wisdom of the Kings

The chorus is just mesmerising. Has a sort of Emerald Sword feeling to it, just portrayed slightly differently. I would have this as my #2.

Great arrangements, and chorus. It comes after Emeral Sword, making a great album beginning.

12 Unholy Warcry Unholy Warcry

Perhaps I'm biased because this was my first Rhapsody of Fire song, but I still feel it just edges out their other masterpieces like "Emerald Sword" and "Raging Starfire." The guitar solo is easily the greatest one I've ever heard, and I think it has an even more epic feel than most of their other songs. And that's saying something.

13 Power of the Dragonflame Power of the Dragonflame

Maybe just because it is the first song I heard by them, but this is by far my favorite.

14 Erian's Mystical Rhymes Erian's Mystical Rhymes
15 The Magic of a Wizard's Dream The Magic of a Wizard's Dream

This is the most epic song of rhapsody, I was searching for the most epic rhapsody's songs, and I saw this on 15th.. Should be the first

This song should be at least 3rd! The Wizards Dream.. - lambis

Their best song in my opininion, I can listen to it over and over again. Words can't describe it's epicness.

16 Land of Immortals Land of Immortals

I'm in love with this song :3

By far their best song, and quite underrated.

17 Rain of a Thousand Flames


18 Triumph for My Magic Steel Triumph for My Magic Steel

What!? Why isn't this one higher up on the list? Sure, there are many other songs that are great too but for me, this one is one of my favorites, along with songs like Emerald Sword, Holy Thunderforce and Wisdom of the Kings.

This song shows the essence, brilliance and epicness of Rhapsody at its peak. Rocking baroque and magnificent lyrics, bass, keys and drums all over the song. And the guitar of Luca is just the best. This should be up high in the list!

This song is great should be way up

19 Son of Pain Son of Pain

Absolutely beautiful song about Dargor's struggle with being half demon. The chorus is inspirational, the lyrics are wonderful, and the music is gorgeous. I never thought a slow song would be my favorite, but Rhapsody of Fire amazed me with this masterpiece. - DrNorris

20 March of the Swordmaster March of the Swordmaster V 1 Comment
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