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21 Son of Pain

Absolutely beautiful song about Dargor's struggle with being half demon. The chorus is inspirational, the lyrics are wonderful, and the music is gorgeous. I never thought a slow song would be my favorite, but Rhapsody of Fire amazed me with this masterpiece. - DrNorris

22 Triumph or Agony

This is our destiny, Triumph or Agony!

23 The Mighty Ride of the Firelord

I thought this song sounded cool, but it took on a whole new meaning when I read he lyrics. This song is extremely well done and tells an incredible story of loss and revenge.

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24 Heroes of the Waterfall's Kingdom

Using Beethoven's first piano sonata as a theme in this song, makes it awesome.

By far the greatest song ever made by any musician.

The fine conclusion to a saga that spanned ten whole albums and fourteen gorgeous years. We may bid farewell to Dargor and the world of Algalord, but the memories shall last us a lifetime and an eternity thereafter in the immortal soul of power metal.

25 The Myth of the Holy Sword
26 Agony Is My Name
27 The Dark Tower of Abyss

The best way to prove that metal is not just screams but can combine powerful music and classical sounds to create epic music!

This song is a complete masterpiece.
One of the best songs of all time (if not the best).
This song and enerald sword are the best rhapsody


I'm dissapointed.
This song definitely deserves to be on the on the top 5.
Everything in this song is perfect.
But the most amazing part of the song is somewhere between 2:30 to 3:00.
This song will change your life.

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28 Thunder's Mighty Roar

WHY ISN'T THIS SONG IN THE TOP 5? The guitar riffs, Fabio's awesome voice and the great imagination put into creating this epic masterpiece, creates one of the most incredible Rhapsody songs. Its music is sheer delight and you can't take it out of your mind. Even my cousin listened to it (and she ABSOLUTELY hates progressive/symphonic metal, just loves Justin Bieber...) and she went mad and tried to download it from any part. This is the magic of this awesome band. Keep rocking Rhapsody!

29 Warrior of Ice

How is this not on the top 10?
Amazing song from start to finish.
I really don't know why this song
Isn't on the top 10.

The first rhapsody song and one of the vest songs of all time. I don't know how this is not top 5.
This sobg is amazing.
Just hear it.

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30 Knightrider of Doom
31 Dargor, Shadowlord of the Black Mountain

An epic and evil march!

32 On the Way to Ainor

One of their most underrated masterpieces, from The Frozen Tears of Angels

33 Bloody Red Dungeons
34 Wings of Destiny
35 The Pride of the Tyrant
36 Lost In Cold Dreams

I've been listening to Rhapsody for a lot of years and I didn't know about this song! I thought that my favourite were emerald sword and a new saga begins, but this one is as good as them! You should listen to it to understand

37 The Village of Dwarves

It is really an ambience of dwarves brotherhood

38 Angel of Light
39 Rage of the Winter

This song is such an adventure, it seems like you took an escapade to Antarctica after listening to this 6 minute song. Brilliant instrumental section with a killer solo!

One of the few songs ever that shows how awesome winter is

My favourite song from Legendary Tales, truly powerful.

40 Legendary Tales
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