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81 Steve Cropper Steve Cropper

How can Steve "the colonel" Cropper be in 73. Definitely Top 20 material. Underrated as hell. One great and groundbreaking guitarist with a real musical sense

Stax records soul man and all those hits plus he is a nice guy. Should be on the top of your list.

82 Wilko Johnson

Truly awesome British rhythm guitarist so underrated

83 Syd Barrett Syd Barrett Roger Keith Barrett was an English musician, composer, singer, songwriter, and painter. Best known as a founder member of the band Pink Floyd, Barrett was the lead singer, guitarist and principal songwriter in its early years and is credited with naming the band. V 1 Comment
84 Marten Hagstrom Marten Hagstrom Mårten Hagström, (born 27 April 1971) is the rhythm guitarist for the Swedish experimental metal band Meshuggah. Hagström, along with his bandmate Fredrik Thordendal, was rated #35 by Guitar World as the top 100 greatest heavy metal guitarist of all-time.

Simply the best... God among insects.

Can't believe that Marten isn't on the list! He also grooves and does some of the most complex, and technical metal rhythm guitar playing. Meshuggah's album obZen is proof of this.

85 Zoltan Bathory

Zoltan is amazing I mean look at the whole way of the fist album and all of the other ffdp albums, he is by far the best

V 2 Comments
86 Sully Erna Sully Erna Salvatore Paul "Sully" Erna is the American vocalist and guitarist for the American hard rock band Godsmack.
87 Richard Fortus

He should be at the first 50, he has adapted to play with Buckethead, Robin Finck, Bumblefoot, DJ Ashba, and Slash, listen Knockin' On Heavens Door 2002-2014, and Nightrain 2002-Today, he's just awesome,

The reason he does not get so much appreciation is because Izzy Stradlin is more popular as the rhythm guitarist of Guns N' Roses. Not denying that Izzy is great, but not as a guitarist, Richard can do much more. If you don't believe me, go listen to Knocking On Heaven's Door live at O2 Arena, London (2012).

88 Miland Petrozza
89 Allen Lanier
90 Jason White

Can play old Rhythms he didn't make and has made new ones.

91 Brad Shultz
92 David Williams
93 Blackie Lawless
94 Pat O'Brien

Cannibal corpse lead guitarist, even Jeff Loomis has praised him to be the best guitarist to play with him in Nevermore, one seriously technical and talented guitarist.

95 Olve Eikemo Olve Eikemo

Extremely tight, fast and technical rhythm style. Perfect hand synchronization. He composes fantastic riffs, and possibly the most influential black metal guitarist ever.

This list should be renamed "The rhythm guitarists that are in the most famous mainstream bands"

96 Keith Merrow
97 Chuck Schuldiner Chuck Schuldiner Charles Michael "Chuck" Schuldiner was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known as the founder and vocalist, guitarist and bassist of the American heavy metal band Death. He is considered the most influential figure in Death Metal, with some publications referring to Chuck as the "Godfather more.
98 Dallas Toler-Wade
99 John Wilkinson
100 Joan Jett Joan Jett Joan Marie Larkin known professionally by her stage name Joan Jett, is an American rock guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer and occasional actress, best known for her work with Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, preceded by success with The Runaways, including their hit song "Cherry Bomb".
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