Top Ten Best Rides At Alton Towers

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1 Nemesis

Until I went to Thorpe Park, Nemesis was my favourite ride ever! I love air coasters and going upside down, and generally I just loved the way track was built, making it feel so awesome! - m1a2r3k4j5o6n7e8s9

Why Air is number 1 I will never know! Nemesis is considered one of the best rides in the whole world! Air on the other hand is not thrilling at all and is fairly boring.

Fantastic timeless ride with great thrills. Still my favorite in the park, I can go on it again and again, shame the water isn't coloured red anymore though!


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2 The Smiler

Come on this has got to be the best ride there the inversions are amazing highly recommend unless you don't like going upside down!

Great! So many loops! But 2 roller coasters crashed on The Smiler. :(

It's VERY fast and it feels so smooth! I was scared but really there is nothing to be scared about! (Unless you don't like going upside down)

YOU BELONG TO THE SMILER... Why the heck would they remind us that? It is an awesome roller coaster! It was so fun getting marmalized! Of course I do! The Smiler is my home!

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3 Air

It was so thrilling! I felt like a fairy soaring through the air. Like a bird with majestic wing, feeling like Tinkerbell when she flies through Neverland. Action packed, felt like James Bond - I really recommend it if you wish to be as fast as a bullet! I went on it four times, each time in the front row - it has the best experience!

Amazing ride, not as scary as I thought it would be but you still get the thrill. By far the most amazing ride I've ever been on!

I thought it was scary but it is so unique and one of the best rides I've been on

This ride is so unique and thrilling at the same time!

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4 Oblivion

This ride looks ultra amazing don't know if my friend will wanna go on it though

This ride is scary and fun + there are good views and it's the fastest there but most people think rita is - Roaroftime197

Steven hawking was a good footballer, he was a good dribbler


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5 Rita

It's much faster then it looks. Quite scary but give it a go anyway

Looks really fast and exiting definitely going to go on it

Love the fast start :) great ride

This ride was good until my uncle flew out of the cart on the first turn and fell onto the skyride. please sort out Alton Towers

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6 Th13teen

So good but I hate the bit when the big bang happens and the best bit is the slopes and the big drop and when it goes backwards

Awesome! I love the freefall bit especially, but going backwards is also extremely fun - nic1997ps3

I love th13teen when you fall and when it goes back in darkness. I would go on it again next time

I went on it with my friends Dillon and Mo. It was epic!

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7 Sonic Spinball

Its fast and wild but there's a bit where a spins round to the right and then to the left and I really hurt my self on that bit. Still one of the best rides though

It's a awesome ride

8 Ripsaw

It is good

9 Enterprise

This is pure banging

10 Galactica

Good ride would ride again next year

Such a good ride. The virtual reality are an amazing part of the ride. Ride again.

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11 The Flume

I was so sad when it shut it was one of the best rides at Alton towers

I think it should be the 1st best ride+it's fun but scary



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12 Hex - The Legend of the Towers

The branch off the tree got stuck up my bum and came out my vagina and penetrated my nan

The branch went through everybody on the ride and we got branches up our asses

My baby fell out of her pushchair and snapped her neck

13 Runaway Mine Train

I am going soon to Alton towers so I can't vote but will when I return this rides looks perfect for families which is right as I have a family with a younger 8 year old brother

Am I the only one who thinks this is Wario's goldmine and shy guy falls combined?

This is such a fun ride, perfect for all the family! My dad loved it, my 4 year old brother loved it, this shows it is the ultimate family ride! PS it is quicker Than you think!

I like this ride because you go fast

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14 The Blade

It made me feel sick but I enjoyed it anyway

15 Submission
16 Duel

A game/ride for kids and adults. It has a spooky affect and is so fun to shoot the ghosts and ghouls. What ever you do, don't miss duel!

A great ride and it was amazing shooting all the zombies. DON'T MISS DUEL!

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17 Tea Cups
18 Congo River Rapids

I love it but I hate the fact you can't control the way you go

I love it but you can't control the way you go

19 Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure

I like octonauts because it sprays you with water

20 Battle Galleons

You get soacked

21 Wicker Man

It is going to be awesome! I'm heading there in July on school trip.

22 Nemesis: Sub Terra

It wasn't that scary.

23 Cuckoo Cars

It is really fun but the best bit about it is the car wash

24 Ice Age

It is sad the it is gone but I didn't get a chance on it

25 Secret Weapon 8
26 SW8
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