Top 10 Best Rides at Canada's Wonderland

What ride do you think is the best at Canada's Wonderland?

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21 Bumper Cars

So much fun! Never gets old but I wouldn't say it's for the thrill seekers out there.

22 Timber Wolf Falls

Very fun and be ready to get really wet. This ride has a bridge where you can stand and get a bullseye view of the water. Incredible in my opinion!

23 Hazel
24 The Fly

I really like the fly because it has a lot of drops and so many turns that feels awesone

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25 Klockwerks
26 Thunder Run

The line-ups go short because it is a long train plus it is me and my brothers #1 ride

Its cool, but better for younger kids and also the lines are super long

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27 Silver Streak

I like to think I enjoy roller coasters, but truthfully drops kill me inside. I liked this because the drops were minor and the wait time was low

It's very fun and not scary you know who it would be perfect for is for the people who do t really like heights and who don't like very big drops

Best ride ever. love this ride :). #Awesome =D

28 Orbiter

I love this ride! My only problem with it is that there's no buckle and it makes my head dizzy from doing so many loops, but it's such a fun ride! I went on it twice when the class went to Canada's Wonderland for our end of the year trip.

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29 Taxi Jam

Who the hell put this on the list

30 Tea Cups

I'm spinning spinning spinning while my hands are up

31 Wonder Mountain's Guardian

Ok this is really fun it's better than the fly and its not that scary because I remember I just had threw up on behemoth, so I was feeling scared to go on this one, but it was like NOTHING compared to behemoths drops so if you just threw up on a ride, I totally recommend this one (or if you didn't throw up, its still a cool ride)

We love finding the kings crown and the last drop.

Fun for first ride in the morning.

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32 Xtreme Skyflyer

Scariest ride of all time

I've done it, it's so good!

33 Krachenwagen
34 Spinovator
35 Time Warp

I'm not a huge fan of it it's not scary but you know it's something new because your lying down on your stomach

Went on it at the end of the night. Went as many times as I wanted with no line up

Best ride ever so much fun you really need to go on this ride

I love it was my first scary ride!

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36 The Pumpkin Patch

Max Tennyson's evil plan to stop Ben and Gwen as heroes failed

Very scary, most terrifying ride in the park.

37 Ghoster Coaster

It's like the wild beast but less scary my sister now every time we talk about anything in wonderland like even say the word wonderland she's all like you should go on the ghoster coaster the goaster coarser is the best it's so annoying

When you sit in the back seat you get the whip lash

It is so awesome. recommeded for kids and parents


38 SlingShot

It was new for 2015 and I think it's amazing. It sucks that you have to pay but honestly it's worth it, and it's also not as scary as it seems.

39 Guardian

The drop at the end was so unexpected on my first time but if you like video games this is the ride for you

It's a fun roller coaster it's like a shooting game and you are mostly in a cave,
And there is a small drop.

40 Skyhawk

Amazing How its great for people not so great with thrill rides and people that love them, as you can choose whether or not to spin the plane

Road it so fun my wings didn't work right though even though I did just what they said to

It's amazing how you could have control of your self

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