Best Rides at Chessington World of Adventures

The Top Ten

1 Dragon's Fury

Dragon's Fury is the BEST ride ever! This is because it is thrilling, it is fun and you literally spin into oblivion. Words simply cannot describe how utterly amazing Dragon's Fury is. It is one of the more wild rides in the park, and isn't as suitable for young children, it is sensational, never gets old and the ride experience is different every time. Another reason that Fury is so special is because it was custom deigned by John Wardley, and you will never, ever find another like it; Dragon's Fury really is spintastic!

2 Vampire

Vampire's pretty good, I'd say. The only air coaster in the park, that makes it special. - m1a2r3k4j5o6n7e8s9

I love Arrow Suspended Coasters so how could I not vote for this!

3 Dragon Falls

The rides above are just good for big kids but this ride is fun for all ages my little sisters like it I like it my parents like it not only do you cruise across the water and go through dragons but there are 2 big jobs with an awesome splash down number one spot

4 Rameses Revenge
5 Rattlesnake
6 Bubbleworks

I'm going to sound like a baby for voting for Bubbleworks but it was my favourite ride when I was little and the only one I'm not scared of.

Bubbleworks has been bubble popped

7 Kobra
8 Black Buccaneer
9 Monkey Swinger
10 Tomb Blaster

The Contenders

11 Sea Dragons
12 Runaway Train
13 Seastorm
14 Peeking Heights
15 The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure
16 Berry Bouncers
17 Tuk Tuk Turmoil
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