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1 Loud

Loud is her best album by far, Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded was near great too, but when you compare Only Girl, What's My Name, S&M, Man Down, California King Bed, etc beat songs like Umbrella, Distribia, Take a Bow, Don't Stop the Music, etc, but what makes this album stand out further it has no fillers. Rated R was not so bad, but was dark even though it had great singles like Rude Boy. We Found Love, Diamonds, Stay, Cockiness where great hits from Unapologetic, and Talk the Talk but the albums aren't as special as Loud. Her first 2 albums I honestly didn't bother to get them I just got SOS, Unfaithful, and Pon De Replay so I can't judge the albums, Anti sure stands out, but not her best album at all she could've done way better for making us wait 4 years, and we don't get half the goodness in Loud I don't think the album deserves to be her best though the album has some good singles, but who knows maybe her next album would be better than Loud.

This album makes me feel good not like the DARK, CRAPPY, RATED R! Each song is brilliant! The song that are Very good are s&m, only girl, what's my name, cheers, and man down! - Frogmime

Good Girl Gone Bad is good, Music Of The Sun and A Girl Like Me are Fine, Rated ARE is o. k but Loud is AMAZING. - callcooldude

Her best album along with good girl gone bad. So simple, chill, classy and pop oriented. Here’s the lists of my own: 1. Loud. 2. Good girl gone bad. 3. Anti. 4. Rated R. 5. Unapologetic. 6. Talk that talk. 7. A girl like me. 8. Music of the sun

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2 Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded

It's easily her best album, her best music wise, her best lyrical wise, her best selling. Everything.

Rehab, Take A Bow, Shut Up And Drive, Umbrella etc.

This is surely her best album so far as it has one awesome track, which is TAKE A BOW and a super awesome track, DISTURBIA and remixes of some excellent tracks... My favorite song is Disturbia..

Nostalgic at its finest

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3 Rated R

No matter what people say, this is Rihanna's best album. Some say it is so dark and creepy. Yet, we have songs on here like Rude Boy, Photographs (a remiscent song that a lot of people can relate to), Hard, and Rockstar 101. Also, who cares if it was dark and creepy? It was HONEST. These were the emotions she was feeling. When she felt angry/vengeful, she communicated it on Fire Bomb and G4L. When she felt sad and heartbroken, she communicated it on Stupid In Love and Cold Case Love. When she felt like she was in charge of her own life, she sang on Wait Your Turn. When she felt fearful but accepting of what is to come she communicated it on The Last Song and Russian Roulette. And there was still time left for storytelling on Te Amo. All in all, this album tells a story. A fluent story. This album represents a landscape of emotions. Lyricwise, productionwise, and even vocal wise, this is her best album. It's just that people can't appreciate it for the masterpiece it is because they ...more

Rude Boy, Wait Your Turn, Hard, Russian Roulette etc.

Along with "Unapologetic", "Rated R" is her most personal album to date. It also includes my fave Rihanna tracks.

THE BEST! It even has a cameo from GN'R guitarist Slash! How cool is THAT?

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4 Anti

ART. Every artist with a respectable career has at least one album that is experimental and creative. ANTI is that album. There are three albums I like from Rih's discography, Rated R, Loud, and now the third is this one. This is no doubt one of the most essential phase in her career, her attempt at being more than a pop star. Although it isn't PERFECT, it shows much more purpose and promise than most of the albums out there of any genre.

Listen to the album completely, and tell me if there is a better album artistically from her. Highlights:Consideration, James Joint, Kiss it Better, Work, Desperado, Needed Me, Love on the Brain, Sex With Me. This is also the only album that lacks fillers.

This is the album when she gave up caring about releasing hit songs and release what she thinks is timeless and has connection to her. Work, Needed Me, Kiss it Better, Love on the Brain, Higher!

the best

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5 Unapologetic

Most underrated album ever! In my opinion it's great! There are some cool dance songs like Phresh Out The Runway, Jump or Right Now and beautifull ballads like Stay, What Now or (finally) Love Without Tragedy/Mother Mary! Rihanna never released a bad album! Thumbs Up for Diamonds Rihanna Navy!

This album is too underrated. :/ How'd it go way down here? I for one think that this is one of Rihanna's best albums and it should be around the top 5--if not top 3.

It's my favourite Rihanna's album. The best songs of Unapologetic are Diamonds, Stay, Numb and Fresh Out The Runway.

I used "Phresh Out the Runway" for a meme video I created on YouTube. It's pretty funny. U should watch it.

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6 Talk That Talk

I don't hide it more: THIS IS THE BEST ALBUM EVER OF RIHANNA. You know it. If you don't listen this album, I recommend you: Where Have You Been, We Found Love, Roc Me Out and Farewell. Buy this album please, is really really good and amazing. 10/10, obviously!

My favourite songs are Drunk on love, We all want love and We found love... By far!

I just love all the songs within the album

This album is more of her idgaf vibe album and I love it

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7 Good Girl Gone Bad

"Umbrella" and "Disturbia" her best hits by far - anthonybecerra831

She literally dropped the innocent act and gave into the modern pop stream. However, the following album is when she gained control of her sound again.

It's crazy umbrella was number 1 for 10 weeks in the uk! - Luke72

Love it amazing best songs take a
bow and umbrellas

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8 A Girl Like Me

"SOS", which became her first single to reach number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 - anthonybecerra831

Definitely the best, we ride, sos, unfaithful, break it off, and if its lovin that you want part 2 are great songs

sos, unfaithful and break it off!

Loved it

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9 Music of the Sun

I only know the songs "If It's Lovin' that you Want" and "Pon De Replay" but I still think the other songs would be great as well.

he debut album of Rihanna - anthonybecerra831

This is a good album. I mean everyone wasnt really familiar with rihanna's face in 2004-2006 but I always loved her songs

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11 Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes
12 Live
13 Rated R: Remixed
14 #R8

This isn't a Rihanna's album. It is fake.

This isn't released yet but will SLAY - badgalriri

15 Home: Concept Album

I love this soundtrack. My favourite song of this album is ''Dancing In The Dark'' but ''Towards The Sun'' are good too! Well, this album IS SO AMAZING.

16 Devil In a Blue Dress
17 Hotness
18 The Woman In Black

Wow, this is the best album of Rihanna. If you don't know what album is it, it is a greatest hits of Rihanna including ''Only Girl'', ''Man Down'' or ''Umbrella''.

19 Recovery
20 Disturbia
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