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1 Only Girl (In the World)

She is so happy and fun in this video. So far Loud is her best era! Go rihanna - XDhaaaaa

With this song, I choose my hero with confidence. I believe her as a legend

2 Rude Boy

Love the colours in this video and how she put her swag in this video. This song is really diffrent from other songs on the album.

3 Don't Stop the Music
4 What's My Name?
5 Te Amo

You know what this song just can't get enough... N video really "GOOD". N way she says "te amo te amo" mesmerizing.. TE AMO RihannA

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6 Disturbia
7 We Found Love

Most iconic. Got her a VMA. Tells a story completely for us about the Chris Brown thing. That was like the best video ever, it doesn't deserve only four percent.

8 Man Down
9 Russian Roulette
10 Diamonds

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11 Umbrella
12 Pour It Up
13 Cheers (Drink to That)
14 S&M

How is this not number 1?! It is very colourful and very very exciting.
Come on let's rock!

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15 Take a Bow
16 You Da One
17 Rehab
18 We Ride
19 Pon de Replay
20 Love the Way You Lie (Part II)

This song is better because it expresses Rihanna's vocals and it's so beautiful. It also doesn't have eminem shouting. (No offense) he can rap though

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1. Rude Boy
2. You Da One
3. Disturbia
1. Rude Boy
2. Only Girl (In the World)
3. Diamonds
1. Man Down
2. Russian Roulette
3. We Found Love

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