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81 Same Ol' Mistakes

One of the best, how is his so low?

82 Never Ending
83 Good Girl Gone Bad

I think this song is really good! It is really upbeat and catchy, at the same time has deep meaning and worth.

This should definitely be in at least top 20!

84 We Ride

Best one ever new rihanna is better than old rihanna

Oh my god this is my favourite rihanna song so far

85 Bad Girl
86 Right Now

What! This song is a masterpiece... David guetta has given music.. Please hear it and vote because dis deserves to be high...

This can be the top 1! It's better than Umbrella! It is number 7 of my 100 favorite songs. At least it has an attractive number 69. :P

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87 Stupid in Love

Stupid in love is a really good song because it shows that she can be emotional and down to earth. Really good song I have been a fan of hers every since she came out! Hope she keeps up her good progress towards her music

When I first listened to her I thought she can't sing depressing song but this song proves it.

Love this song! Very powerful! Very emotional! Riri is the best artist!

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88 Photographs

This is one of the best songs by least shuld be in top 10

Great song! Must be in top 10s.

89 Loveeeeeee Song

One her best songs, ever. Future and Rihanna sound perfect together.

Amazing song. No words to describe this beautiful piece of music

This is the best rihanna song it's my favorit

Best Song Ever

90 P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)

It's really hard to listen to this song without crying

Best song ever it has to be up her full of love about a boy you onced love but now their gone. Best song

91 Do Ya Thang

This deserves much more! Super catchy..

92 Music of the Sun

Early Rihanna is the best!

93 A Million Miles Away
94 Dem Haters V 1 Comment
95 Just Be Happy
96 Too Good
97 Get It Over With V 1 Comment
98 Say It
99 Coulda Been the One
100 Goodbye
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