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101 Goodbye
102 Hatin' On the Club

This song is nice you have to listen to it

103 Just Stand Up
104 Lemme Get That
105 Half of Me

This is my absolute favorite song by rhianna! It should be in the top five at least!

I feel like this song is very personal to Rih, while it's original meaning is something completely different. Her vocals are on point and the production is really good.

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106 Red Lipstick

Good punchy beats for club music

Man! This song is 96. It deserves to be in top 10

This song is awesome

107 Disturbia

121 really?! This song deserves much better!

It's alredy number 3. - DaisyandRosalina

108 Towards the Sun

This is such a masterpiece! Her vocals are on point in this! Definitely one of her best songs.

109 Dancing In the Dark

Think about the nest song ever.. This is it ya know!

This song is so catchy!

Really awesome song...

110 Willing to Wait
111 Close to You

This song is extremely underrated, definitely deserves a higher spot-- then again, rihanna does have many songs and no one bothers to go this far back into the list...

112 Coulda Been the One
113 Roll It
114 Shy Ronnie 2: Ronnie & Clyde

Funny and awesome. Try this song

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115 Raining Men
116 Let Me
117 Mad House

The first song I listened to on Rated R- her best album!

Sounds cool :o - spodermanfan1000

My favorite

118 Selfish Girl
119 Pose

One of my favorite of Anti! This song is always on my mind. Like to dance when I'm listening to it

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120 Boom Boom
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