Best Rise of the Guardians Characters

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1 Jack Frost Jack Frost

He is the only guardian who initially, nobody believed in, yet he was the only guardian who interacted with the children, which is the best way to protect them. Don't worry Jack I believe in you!

I love how he can be funny and dynamic at the same time!

He Should marry with Elsa

Yeah! - PeeledBanana

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2 The Easter Bunny

He is so fluffy! !

3 Tooth Fairy

Sweet, caring and her! !

4 Sandman

He is cute, and gives us dreams. I respect him.

5 Santa Claus

His workshop is totally cool!

6 Jamie

So cute. He is also very brave and stands up for what he believes in.

7 Man in the Moon

I'm so glad he brought Jack back to life.

8 Baby-Tooth

She's a cutie!

9 Jack's Little Sister

She is so sweet and grateful that Jack saved her life.

10 Pitch

Oh come on. He is literally the boogie man. He poisons the dreams of young children and turns them into nightmares. He should at least be third on this list, with Jack Frost being the first, and Easter Bunny being the second.

I REALLY do not understand how Pitch AGAIN managed to end up at the bottom. I mean, seriously, he's an amazing character, let him be on top for once.

In my view, he is awesome! And he is just misunderstood and just wants to be believed in.

I really doubt that any of the other characters could have been ANYTHING without Pitch. He was the only character who made them seem as though they weren't ignorant.

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11 Sophie Bennett

So cute! Her voice is adorable


12 Cupcake

I am just glad that Jack cheered her up

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