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1 Jack Frost


But beware...I am about to lay down a few reasons Jelsa isn't gonna happen...
1: Jack became Frost in 1712 (300 years before the movie took place) and Frozen took place in 1839 (ish) so Jack would not be visible unless she believed in him, and I don't think they had Jack Frost in Norway
2: They are made in two different studios
3: Elsa was inside her palace until she was 21, the only time shown outside her room was when she was 18, and Jack is stuck being 16
4: Jack is from America, stays in America, and is in America
5: Rise of the Guardians takes place in 2012, so even if they met, Elsa would be dead by now...sorry

that's the majority of it, sorry if you ship Jelsa, but I don't, and this is just my opinion on why it won't happen (please forgive me)

He is the only guardian who initially, nobody believed in, yet he was the only guardian who interacted with the children, which is the best way to protect them. Don't worry Jack I believe in you!

I love how he can be funny and dynamic at the same time!

He Should marry with Elsa

2 Pitch

A far better character than Santa Claus / North and Sanderson/Sandman. And judging by the comments, I doubt any of the people actually saw the movie. Or even by what the characters are being called. Sandy is the Sandman, North is Santa Claus.

Sandy may seem cute, but he is awfully temperamental and takes his angers/frustrations out on others, making him no better than Pitch. Besides, the dreams he spreads are meaningless and basic. I mean, seriously... a unicorn?! It doesn't even look so much as a unicorn as an over-fed pony with a party hat. And his way of dealing with his enemies is not a way you should teach your kids. Honestly, you'd have more luck reading the Bible than listening to Sandy and they have some pretty awful things in that book.

As for North, he is irresponsible, obnoxious and completely oblivious, influencing kids to violence and boastfulness in a way no better than Pitch's own. He is also loud and has no understanding of sarcasm. His workshop is cool, ...more

I don't see how he - who had far more screen time than Jack's Little Sister and Baby Tooth - could have gotten less votes with such a complex personality. Granted, most people are ignorant to it, but there were definitely moments that made Pitch deserving of the top spot, or at least a spot in the top three.

And he should be the one to get with Elsa, certainly not Jack. He's too immature and really, he's never been in a relationship, whereas according to the books, Pitch has. One that certainly didn't end with divorce no, but rather with death (not Pitch's fault either), so Pitch is far more qualified and being alone for far longer than Jack, he's also the one who should have a chance before Jack. I mean, who knows, Pitch strikes me as the type who could improve and change with the right person. Like Elsa, whose come a long way from her own struggles and insecurities and has learned to understand.

Besides... I really do wish DreamWorks would choose to fix the mistakes ...more - PrettyLittleNightmare

he is so cool
(but if he is responsible for my nightmares, than that boi better watch out, because I'm coming for him, and he's going to suffer for messing with me)

An underestimated, disrespected genius, who would have had the world at the palm of his hands weren't it for how lousily Dream Works decided to do the second part of the movie. In contrast to his cunning plan to distract his enemies, the mess up in Antarctica was really rather out of character, even considering Pitch's possible emotional and mental state. You cannot deny that Pitch is a sassy and witty character, complete with a good bit of sarcasm and skill. Not to mention determination, persistence and ambition, all very good characteristics to have... even if Pitch had a little too much of Each.

Perhaps had he been held down by someone who didn't seek to dominate him and humiliate him, then he could have become a very different person, despite his character changing only very slightly in reality. Easily, Kozmotis and Pitch could coexist in the same body, if both sides simply acknowledged their own faults and tried to work to a better resolution for both of them. After all, ...more

3 The Easter Bunny

He is so fluffy! !

4 Tooth Fairy

Sweet, caring and her! !

she's pretty

5 Sandman

I have never had a good dream before...he needs to work harder

He is cute, and gives us dreams. I respect him.

6 Santa Claus

His workshop is totally cool!

YES! also his name is North...

7 Man in the Moon

I'm so glad he brought Jack back to life.


8 Baby-Tooth

she's pro

She's a cutie!

9 Jamie

So cute. He is also very brave and stands up for what he believes in.

10 Jack's Little Sister

She is so sweet and grateful that Jack saved her life.

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11 Sophie Bennett

So cute! Her voice is adorable


12 Pippa

A sweet, tomboyish girl.

13 Cupcake

I am just glad that Jack cheered her up

14 Onyx / Pitch's Nightmare
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