Best Rita Ora Songs


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1 How We Do (Party) UListen to Sample
2 Anywhere

I looove did tune its wicked

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3 Let You Love Me

This song made me love her on another level

It's always in my head. The chorus repeate in my head again and again. Love this song! This song is the best I've ever listened so far


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4 Lonely Together

Number one song without a second...her voice so angels falling...why number 12?


rip avcii

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5 R.I.P.

This is rita's best song. I love it very much. I love you rita.

Yes nice song

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6 Hot Right Now

This is obviously the best - RockStarr

THE BEST - mood333

7 I Will Never Let You Down

This song should be on no. 1 great great voice and rhythm that we can dance to!

I love this. It is one of my favorite songs. - 906389

I love I will never let you down

Amazing song, awesome lyrics and outstanding video...
She is so sweet and beautiful I just love and adore her...

V 1 CommentUListen to Sample
8 Body On Me

Great Chill Song. Great Chemistry Between Rita and Chris.

Love love love this song. Chris brown adds his magic n makes it a 'whoa' track. Best rita collaboration ever in my eyes. - Ark-M

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9 Your Song

This should be on top

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10 Radioactive

This song had me from the first listen. It's so anthemic and soaring. It deserves to be number 1 and it should have been her first US single. It would've smashed so hard, just thinking about it makes me sad :(. 11/10

She's better than Iggy Azalea

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The Contenders

11 Shine Ya Light

Good song

12 Girls

What would when their boyfriend hear this song? And cardi's husband, poor Offset

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13 For You

Best song ever my favorite - hazza12

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14 Black Widow

Rita is great but iggy...

UListen to Sample
15 Poison

Seriously... It should be higher - mood333

Weirdo, u missd this out lol

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16 Roc the Life
17 Been Lyin'
18 New Look

Best song!

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19 Uneasy
20 Hello, Hi, Goodbye
21 Love and War
22 Doing It

Good song

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23 New York Raining UListen to Sample
24 Coming Home UListen to Sample
25 Kiss Me
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1. Lonely Together
2. Let You Love Me
3. Your Song
1. Anywhere
2. Hot Right Now
3. Poison
1. How We Do (Party)
2. Shine Ya Light
3. R.I.P.

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