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1 Yankees - Red Sox

Without a doubt the biggest rivalry in ALL sports because it has always been a long standing rivalry through many many many years. The only rivalry that comes anywhere close is the bears and the packers.

definitely the most heated rivary in all sports but what makes it great is that my yanks keep on spanking the scum sox!

No, that doesn't make it great. What makes the rivalry great is things such as the Bambino curse or the Red Sox coming back from a 3-0 deficit in the 2004 ALCS, or the many greats between the teams such as Babe Ruth, Ted Williams, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Carl Yastrzemski, etc. One team pounding the other doesn't make a rivalry great. In fact, that makes the rivalry boring. The bad blood between the teams is something else that makes the rivalry great, also. Great rivalry for sure.

Best rivalry ever in sports history no doubt...

2 bad yanks kick their ass so much laugh out loud!

I don't like baseball, but even if you don't know the sport, you know this rivalry.

2 Bears - Packers

this has been going on since football started yankees-red sox can't say that

Best rivalry in sports besides Ohio State-Michigan.

True Hatred toward each other still to this day.

Both teams always go hard at it!

3 Canadiens - Maple Leafs

I grew up in a small city in NE Ontario, the NHL was a six team league and hockey was the only game in town in those days, making this far and away the ultimate rivalry. I am very biased toward both the sport and the team (Leafs) so for me there is no greater long term rivalry.

This rivalry is the Yankees & Red Sox of Hockey. Classic Rivalries are the best!

4 Lakers - Celtics

Probably the best and the most one sided rivalry considering the Celtics always smack the Lakers except for the rigged series in 2010 but nevertheless Celtics always reign supreme!

They have met so many times in the finals. The latest good chapter of the two- 2010 LAKERS BABY 4-3

The 60's, over 10 years that's sick, magic and bird? come on, their different players

5 Blackhawks - Red Wings

Has been going on for so long The atmosphere at these games are unreal

This is one of the oldest rivalries

Let's go red wings.

6 Patriots - Colts

This is going to be different now that Manning is gone, but Luck could quickly begin to hate the Patriots. Should be interesting

7 Bruins - Canadiens

This should be higher up! BIGGEST rivals in the nhl hands down!

They've been at it for almost a hundred years... 100 years man!

The Most Historic Rivalry in Hockey period!

This should take the place of Toronto vs Montreal... just saying.

8 Manchester Utd - Liverpool

Liverpool dominated the 70's & 80's and Man Utd the 90's & 00's. Both clubs have a rich history and have won more in football than all other English clubs put together. They come from the same county Lancashire and their grounds are only 40 miles apart. Their rivalry is intense!

9 Larry Bird - Magic Johnson

Basketball would have been done if these two guys didn't come along.

I agree, the NBA finals were on tape delay before these two came along.

10 Steelers - Ravens

It is such a great rivalry because it is always a low scoring game. I believe the most points any team scored was in between 30-35 not sure though.

Just look at intensity involved in the tackling. Remember Ray Lewis meeting Mendehall and breaking his shoulder.

This should at least be in the top 5. Ever been a ravens fan at heinz field or a steelers fan at mt&t.? It sucks!

It is they most fiercest rivalry ever.

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11 Red Wings - Avalanche

Why isn't Bruins vs. Canadiens on the list. Original 6 matchup, rivals for about 90 years now. The Avalanche were the Nordiques until '95. The Avalanche are going into there 17th season while the Wings are apart of the original 6. I did find a better brawl. 1970 Bruins vs. Canadiens. The Boston police had to get involved. Bruins also had a lot of brawls vs. Montreal. They also had one vs. The North Stars and vs. The Rangers when fans got involved too.

I challenge you to find a better hockey fight than the red wings/ avalanche '97 brawl.

Fight Night baby!

12 Cardinals - Cubs

Listen to a Cubs-Cards game at 720 AM Chicago to see Y. The commentary by pat Hughes is perfect and the color commentary was better with the late Ron Santo, but is fine with Keith Moreland. Every game feels like the National league championship.

Went to my first cardinals game at Wrigley in 2015 its awesome there really is nothing better

13 Glasgow Celtic - Glasgow Rangers

The best derby, American rivalries are plastic compared to the old firm. Violence and murder between two sides won't happen in American sports. Celtic or Rangers, Catholic or Protestant, Irish or British, this is the most intense atmosphere in sports.

a true rivalry that has been pushed to the extremes laws were passed to control it. shows up american sports for what they are

14 Cowboys - Redskins

Redskins are the best and most inspiring football team in the NFL they have had ups and downs and they have won 3 championships before the Super Bowl was made and they are just such a good rivalry with the cowboys

I love the Redskins but this hasn't been a real rivalry since the early 90's. The issue with the Redskins being a racist name didn't become a problem until a certain President took office.

GO SKINS! Cowboys are the biggest joke in nfl history. lol jerry jones, come on... redskins are the real americas team. who really voted to that anyway.

The Redskins are a joke. Cowboys fans don't even acknowledge Redskins as a real rival because they're so pathetic.

15 Cowboys - Eagles
16 Penguins - Flyers

Always been skill vs. brawn. Philly won their share with that mean Bobby Clark 70s team. Pittsburgh was all offense with Lemieux and Jagr... even Today you have Sid the Kid vs Chris Pronger!

Every flyers fan not only hates the Penguins team, but also flightless birds who are black and white and live in Antartica.

Go Pens Go Battle of PA!

17 Flames - Oilers

The Battle of Alberta is relevant in hockey, football and lacrosse, but since hockey is Canada's national sport, it makes the rivalry so intense. Absolutely extreme.

18 Islanders - Rangers

These two teams are from the same state and the Rangers took over New York City so the Islanders had to settle for some place else in New York

19 Maple Leafs - Red Wings
20 Rangers - Flyers
21 Broncos - Raiders

I've never seen pro teams hate each other so much O. o

22 Germany - England (football aka soccer)
23 Dortmund - Schalke
24 Patriots - Jets
25 Canadiens - Nordiques
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