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1 Twilight

This is the best movie by him & also with great acting performance

I like it very much... Because jacob's part is less..

This movie was awesome I like it very much...

Amazing movie nand I m big fan of Robert Pattinson I wish that I would meet him

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2 Remember Me

Regardless of the character..rob delivers justice to it..way to go!

Rob delivers justice to the brooding unhappy Tyler and shows the voice of Tyler and his relationships with his Roomie and Family really well

Remember Me for sure.

Best love story <3 movie I've ever watched

3 Water for Elephants

Beautiful and touching movie reminiscent of Titanic. Great acting by Robert Pattinson and his relationship and closeness to the elephant truly makes this movie.

Surprisingly great drama/romance with awesome locations, cinematography, producing, directing. Pattinson's acting was decent - Alexandr

4 Eclipse
5 New Moon
6 Little Ashes
7 Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

WAY better than vampires anytime

Robert Pattison was awesome as Cedric Diggrory. I can't imagine anyone else with this role. He did this character justice. But I hate that he died in the end... :-(

So much better than Twilight

Definitely. He is so bad in Twilight - ILostMyShoe

8 Breaking Dawn, Part 2

Twighlight is BY FAR the best movie Robert Pattison was in because he just does his role so well and it’s the best love story ever! ❤️

Love all the films he is the best person for the role no one could match him ❤️❤️

9 The Bad Mother's Handbook

What year does it PRODUCE?

10 Breaking Dawn, Part 1

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11 Haunted Airman
12 Good Time

Can't believe this is number 17, even R Patterson thinks this is his best!

It's jsut so good what is wrong w people why is twilight number 1

13 Cosmopolis

Awesome film that showcases Rob's sublime acting talent. Who could fail to be impressed by the untiting of two such great talents as Pattinson and Cronenberg. A truly mesmerising film with a 5 star cast that deserve very accolade going. The final scenes with Paul Giamati are cinema at it's finest.

14 How to Be
15 Bel Ami
16 The Rover
17 Maps to the Stars
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1. Breaking Dawn, Part 2
2. Breaking Dawn, Part 1
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1. Twilight
2. New Moon
3. Eclipse


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