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341 Productive Industries

The game is great. It's a sandbox tycoon with difficulty that keeps you coming back. every time you play you think how should I progress from here. you can get multiple resources and open packs for special items. - humaid2003

342 [camping!] Robloxian Highschool

A really fun game that's really hard to get off of it because you feel that it is what you want to play the rest of your life!

Robloxian Highschool is a game that you get to go to school to be a teacher or student

This game is fun to play and so addictive

This should be number 1

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343 Cleaning Simulator

Although this game is up and coming, I've already had some fun times with random people cleaning a building. Easter eggs galore in the form off tapes and several achievements to extend the fun, the only problem is the replayability. The time it takes to do stuff makes it not quite worth the wait for that ultimate dunk achievement. Oh, well. It's fun while it lasts. - NAPSTABLOOK22

Absolutely hilarious. The tapes hidden around the map are so funny to listen to, especially if you understand their references.

Great graphics! It looks like game made by a professional.

What on earth is the point in this... it was fun at first but I got bored of it 5/10 - mrguy300

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344 Storm Chasers (Old / on Hold)
345 Critical Strike

What an underrated Roblox game. Surprised it wasn't already on this list. It's so fun, and well made, unlike most games on Roblox. Sure, it's really unbalanced... Really, really unbalanced... *cough* Berserker *cough*, but other than that, it's still really awesome. It has such unique maps, and so much classes. I haven't even used some of them yet, and I have ALL of the classes (excluding gamepass and bunny). Just, all together, this is an amazing game, and I think it's VERY underrated. It's overlooked by all the generic fighting games like DBZ Final Stand and Apocalypse Rising (those are 2 very good games though) Not only that, but somehow FASHION FRENZY is more popular than it? This game is very underrated, and has so much variety. I say it's a 9/10. Really unbalanced, but still really fun. Also, most of the OP classes you already have. - KickkBlaster

346 Flee the Facility
347 Meep City
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