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141 Harambe Tycoon

I hate harambe - TeamRocket747


12/10 ign rating
"rest in peace sweet prince" - me
"stop makign fun of harambon" - cincantty zoo

142 Runners' Path

Me very fun and I love parkour so this is the game is the one for me it is my opinion

Well I don't rilly like any of these games so :P

143 Icebreaker!

Ice break is cool and the best!

A very good game! should be 1st or 2nd! - DylanheBuilder

This game is pretty great with a high level of polish and veriety. They even managed to put more depth indo roblox's rather 1 dimensional and wonky melee combat.

Really good

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144 Nightmare in the Pizzaria

This game is awesome

It's Freddy's come on

Super creepy... I mean weired.

145 The Conquerors 3

The Conquerors Series have proven its value by staying for so long on roblox with such large community sadly it doesn't get the proper attention that it deserves definitely the best strategy game on roblox

Good game ruined by kids who zerg without knowing what a zerg is.

Its very addicting

Sure I guess?

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146 Heroes!

This game is really fun. Great scripting and building. If you never played this try it out yourself - NamiKazePants08

It's a dungeon hunter like game and you get a very powerful sword at the beginning which will really help you

147 Assassin!

I love this game because it's so fun and random but in mm2 there is only one murderer and in assassin your all the murderer

This game is the first game in roblox that I really got into, it's always been a go to game in my opinion.

It is just the best better than mm2 because you don't have to wait forever until you're the murder

Assassin is such a amazing game it should get more attention 10/10

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148 Undertale 3D Boss Battles

So, this is in my opinion, and it may not be yours alongside mine, but I am a HUGE undertake fan, and when I saw this, I was like '... My dreams have been bestowed upon me by my pet goat... Thank You Billy... ' and I clicked on it. Then, My dreams were alive. I had a skin ready, and I had a 'Choose Your Power' screen showing. I chose sans (Why not? ) and went round doing some stuff and whatnot. Overall, the game is good.

This is really cool - coolgamert

is cool

Also it is super fun and the fans of undertale can see what it is like to experience a boss battle! This is a great game for people who love to play and watch Undertale! My personal favorite boss battle in genocide is sans! I killed sans and I was like in my mind, " I feel so bad and so good at the same time! " Then I wiped away a tear and went on! Overall, this game is the best game a Undertale or Undertake or Underfell fan could play! :D

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149 Adventure Forward 2

Probably the best roblox platformer, the game has some very well built levels, unique game mechanics, and even a plot twist, this is my favourite roblox game without a doubt.

It's a fun and cool game

This is the best platformer on Roblox hands down. It's got an intresting story, fun levels, a super cool plot twist and also has extra levels for a nice price of 80 Robux if you buy them all in a bundle. The game is absolutely free to play and it's also in the featured tab (as of 9/24/17) on the front page. So what are you waiting for? Go play it! - Gavin553

Amazing platformer! I have never had such a fun time on roblox ever. The story was remarkable, all original. And I love the challenge. I can't wait for the 3rd installment.

150 Reason 2 Die

This game is pretty much the only reason I play roblox. The graphics are awesome, the game modes are amazing, and it's overall fun. Only downside is the teammates. Most players are new so they can't be trusted. Otherwise, this is the possibly, "best" game on roblox!

This is a good game you fright zombies and you get guns!

BEST GAME EVER should be in top 10

Awesome game!

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151 Epic Wars

It is getting allot better it's all most done try it it is so good

This game truly is EPIC!

It is really epic

It is team wars

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152 Arcane Adventures

Don't get me wrong, I love most roblox games but this one takes the cake. First of all, it's a fantasy MMORPG which to me have most of time are decent games. In this game, you get to choose your type of magic (fire, water, wind, earth, lightning, shadow, gale, and light), then you beat the game differently comparatively to what type of sorcery you used. It has a decent difficulty level (the first boss is a level 40 shadow magic user) and most people I know say something like ROBLOX IS TOO EASY, PLAY MINECRAFT or ROBLOX SUCKS MORE THAN ET ON TH ATARI, PLAY AN ACTUAL GAME LIKE MINECRAFT (I want to strangle people like that). This is an example of a game that would prove those people wrong. The only downside I know is that its only playable on a computer. Otherwise, if you haven't played this gam, I strongly recommend that you do consider playing it.

I play this game a lot and I'm at max level I recommend to all roblox players and the fun thing is mutations are coming out next year so exited


153 Sonic RP: Project Reignite

It is the most popular roblox sonic game out there! TRUST ME. U WANT SONIC, PLAY THIS GAME - Dragonj37

154 Shinobi Life

Its fantastico

Best game ever

Very good and addicting like most mmo rpg games, Also even more fun if you know the story line of naruto.
I like it how you can choose your elements and such but the downsides are that most people will try to farm u for your money when u are a begginer so just be careful and have fun!

I love Naruto, But the guy who made this game was a pr*ck and cheated many people out of there robux

155 Elemental Battlegrounds

I unlocked all fire moves in "Elemental Battlegrounds"

I'm Almost Full Water Have one fire Move And Its Kinda All I play I'm TerrariaIsAWESOM

This is the finest done game on the entire site. The graphics are even better than Phantom Forces. There is realistic physics engineering, the maps have dozens of hidden secrets and easter eggs, the gameplay is incredibly fast-paced and skill oriented, and the different elements And the way you can perfect your moveset makes it an expression of one's self.
It's not like the cancerous games that are really online made for kids losers- this is all awesome, all the time.

156 Iron Sights

AMAZING FPS GAME Better than Infinite Warfare by far - PackOps

Great gam3 r8 it 10/10

so awesome

157 Galaxy Arcade

Galaxy, belongs on the top 10 roblox games. However, Galaxy Arcade takes everything that was fun about Galaxy and runs it through a paper shredder. Also the role players are everywhere.. - iiSerpentKing

Oh, yes. I'm so glad it made this list. I love the ship mechanics, the designs, the diplomacy, everything that makes this game so unique. The music is especially soothing.

158 Deadzone

This game is AMAZING and it is the MOST realistic game in the whole of ROBLOXIA! It is insanely big, very well scripted, and it is so real, you can kill zombies by running them over with a car (provided you foud some petrol near an old church first laugh out loud! )

159 Prison Life v0.6

A good game, but the latest update was confusing and not fun. I think something might have happened, and now the game is all messed up... I bet no one knows what I'm talking about.

Great game, looking forward to the next update. Although this should at least be in the top 5.

I once escaped I did not get to do my favourite game thing, taking a dump

Didn't really like the game! 1/10

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160 Bloxwood

It's the best game ever it's so fun and it gets better every game and stop reading and play

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