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161 Epic Mining 2

Fun game with save slots and many upgrades. Unexpected finds and money. Never gets old! - garetboyz

I played this game forever and I loved it. I would recommend this to my friends


162 Survival Apocalypse

The best fun I've ever had in Roblox. A mix of strategy and raids. Anyone who knows how to play (many of my friends struggle on that part) will enjoy this.

This is the best game ever and ill stand beside it forever. Look for me my name is super arturo 12 but with no spaces okay.


163 Survival 303

SO ADDICTING! I play it over and over again. First game I ever think about when I get on Roblox. A little disappointing the game doesn't save so you have to start every time, but you get to do something new each time. The game is incredible. The recipes are so vast and different and there is so many way to play the game and the skills only make it more realistic. Definitely my favorite game of all time. So sad it is not first.

I'm so addicted to this. It would be blood if I was a vampire. I hope they don't get rid of the old map or the simple style of the forage, eat, etc tool. If they do get rid of those the game will lose its charm.

BEST GAME EVER. I remember playing this all day and night when I was younger. This definitely deserves somewhere in the top 20 games.

I super love this game - Lunala

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164 Ultimate Driving: Westover Islands

THIS IS THE BEST GAME EVER! You can drive around in cars and obey the laws or get the gun game pass and drive around in mclaren killing cops and stuff. You can buy a house, listen to music in your car become a highway worker and tow cars, be a peramedic and heal injured players, out out fires as a firefighter, become a police and arrest criminals and other stuff, be a trucker and ship goods everywhere and get heaps of money for it as well or you can be a transit person and drive limousines, buses, bendy buses and more. There is SO MUCH cars you can drive- an rv, a corvette, a camaro, mclaren, H2, Diablo, skyline and much more! Over all this is a fun game packed with action

Really need to connect all the servers

Best game ever

I like it I got police pass

165 Counter Blox Roblox Offensive

There is a competitive league

Awesome game, great for low end computers that are unable to play the original in a good framerate. Highly recommended!

166 Build and Battle V 1 Comment
167 The Heist

This by far is one of the most action packed games and is great for solo play and group play too! There is a game breaking gltich that occurs to a minority of players (including me) where all attachments but gamepass and silencer are locked and cannot be used purchased or unpurchased. Yet to be patched. Great game though.

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168 Traitor Town!

This is free TTT why so low - Hitthequan

169 A Dinosaurs Life

It is super cool you can be a dinosaur and live in a big wide world even in water and it is just so cool

I loved it and was popular before STUPID DINOSAUR SIMULATOR copied Rubzter3000 and stole all his fans. - Lunala

170 Sword Fights On The Heights IV

Oh my god! Whats this doing up here at number 1 with the crappy old town of robloxia in first place?


171 RS Roblexia Soccer 15

Don't play or u will be sorry.

Dis game is awesome

It's awesome

172 McDonald's Tycoon

Me hate McDonald's

SO long to make money :(

173 Terror in Bikini Bottom

I don't know what to say...this game is so good I played it for 2 hours straight


174 Rollernauts

This game is barley noticed but I think everyone should play this Roblox game at least once to see how good it is - NamiKazePants08

heck yea

175 Pacifico

Pacifico is very fun, you get to have a jobs and live in a very nice house of your choice. Also, you can drive a car and pick any kind of car you want (from the choices they give you). But, overall I think that Pacifico is a 9/10 best game to play. It will be worth your while. I promise.

Pacifico is pretty fun, the car models and houses look very nice and he comes out with updates quite a bit. It's worth a play if you have nothing better to do, but like every other roleplay game (or game in general) there's a ton of noobs

It's the best

Good game but collect1tive is too slow at making things I rate the game 8/10 also what I would like is real car pages and a car inteira to make it more realstic - mrguy300

176 Drive TM

Drive TM is a great game, the first to implement drifting.
The race feature is amazing as well, it lets players race for pinks (the loser's car), money, or for fun on three tracks with multiplayer races too.
It has a great world map that you can explore, it features manual driving (most games are only automatic transmission), and it has over 15 cars.
The downside is that it lags extremely on races (and I have a gaming laptop), and the terrain is unforgiving, if you get stuck, it's a long walk back.

177 Warrior Cats~ New Lake Territories

FINALLY! A warrior cats game! I've played this before. The map is HUGE!



This game by Mandaka is one of the best there is. You can roleplay as a warrior cat with up to 29 other players. The only bad part is that the game isn't being updated any more. Warrior Cats~ NEW Lake Territories should definitely be number 1!

178 Bus Driver Roblox Version V2 (Added Airport!)

The buses are annoying

179 The Pod Games

How is this not higher everyone try this game.

180 Dungeon Delver
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