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I think ROBLOX is the richest because he sells all items and gets 30% fee from all items sold plus don't forget about ROBLOX's places so you must count tix from place visits as well.

I think Roblox is the most famous Robloxian so I voted Roblox.

Yeah because there is a site where it shows who is the richest roblox person and it says it roblox and well duh its roblox he owns the games and people buy the things he makes all the time

Well duh

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2 Telamon

Guys it's just gotta be Telamon... I mean, he loves fried chicken he deserves being top.

He Is An Epic Adventure Boy Who Lovers Fried Chicken laugh out loud

Guys its totally telamon, he is rich and he's not the people who try too look cool, He wants to look funny.

Poor John always get blamed :(

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3 stickmasterluke

This guy is the kindest guy ever even if u criticise him he will be happy and I met him A lot he is always kind I helped him to make a game as well

My favourite game he made is Wheel Of Fortune you gotta give him one that takes skill with all that scripting and building

Come on, he's stickmasterluke. Even if you don't like him, you have to admit he has a lot of influence on the game's player base.

big fan

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4 erik.cassel

I think Erik was an epic man rip Erik cassel

He died of cancer, that's why he's here :((((

I feel bad for the guy... I want him back! I always send a friend request to his account, hoping someday it will give me a massage telling me he has accepted.

It was sad that good people doesn't always end up good, but he will be our hero forever.

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5 Builderman

I'm gonna cry. Thank you so much builderman! You are the first friend I ever had! He is the best person on ROBLOX. Builderman, If you are reading this, Thank you so much for being everybody's friend.

I mean, "O NOES! " -

Greatest guy ever! Like who else is every ones friend from their first time playing Roblox to the last! He deserves to be in the top 10!

He created Roblox, so... ya

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6 shedletsky

Shed always try's to scam ever builders club member that has any limited. In my opinion shedletsky is the worst moderator

He does those crappy trades to make sure you don't do yourself over when you do a legit trade. Your fault you accepted it if you did anyways.

Shedletsky Stinks. Divide Telamon's Awesomeness By 30000000900002836294638372 Then Do It 12000 More Times. He doesn't Even Play games. He Just Sends Crappy Trade Requests, and then when you accept the request, you want your items back, he doesn't give them to you. He craptastic! He SUCKS. Telamon Was So Much Cooler.

Shedletsky IS Telamon! Didn’t you guys knew that? - Gabo147

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7 Nape224

Nape224? I have never heard of this guy, I bet he added himself.

I've never heard of this guy. He's probably trying to get "famous".

Ahh yes the on person who deserves all the respect gets none...

I bet he is the one who put this.

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8 Matt Dusek

I am... the Dusekkar! *Dun Dun Dun* -

He is barely online, but he has a lot of stuff.

He is my favorite person too I really like him

I think he's awesome

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9 Jane Doe

Same as John Doe.

Jane doe is the wife of john doe

John doe Should be 5

Dude of course because john gets ALL the attention. when ya think march 18th you think john doe not jane

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10 Bereghost

Why is bereghost 38th place he is supposed to be in the top 10 plus he is the coolest guy I saw his video in 2004 I was so happy plus he is funny so yea and put him in the top 10

He's such a great guy and he's so funny. Also, his family are hilarious and entertaining. I love watching his video and their are tons of gameplay for every age!

I love Bereghost videos they're really funny and entertaining. I watch his videos every single day. I'm so ADDICTED!

I like his videos.

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The Newcomers

? the_robotfan

Hello, my name is foxysee12211 on roblox and I help noobs so why am I not on here

? michael92108

He created Mikes Trash Can and sunset outdoor theatre and cafe, and trolls on The Pizzeria, that's awesome. - michael92108

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11 Crazyblox

The games Flood Escape and Flood Escape 2 are great games. So this player most likely is rich around top 100 roblox players.

Flood escape is epic

He's really cool, His games are AMAZING!


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12 Clockwork

This guy is weird. He has a Teapot Turret floating above his head and have you noticed he just turns hats on their side. -

This guy is funny. Turns hats on their side and does some weird stuff with them.

Bad-ass dude. Who doesn't see a man who loves teapots and the internet when they look at him?

Slogoman2o because he has bape

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13 Gusmanak

The "gusmanak deserves better than his rank dude" he also does YouTube too with all the other guys and he made 1 of the top most popular roblox games! With like 36 millions visits and is still being worked on! By the way the game is epic!

He's able to create grey things then give said things away for free. He's a respectable person and is great when it comes to games.

Gusmanak is active, created Apocalypse Rising and is respectable. Who doesn't like him?

He should be at the maybe 7th spot

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14 EthanGamerTV

He's too young to be on YouTube. He's a squeaker.

I'd rather drink bleach than listen to him.

He shouldn't be on YouTube and plus his videos are equivalent in quality to a rotten apple on the floor.

He's ok. - Phantompyroblaze

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15 Loleris

He's a scamming jerk, and he steals all his game ideas. He owes Pyrolysis over $30,000 because he fired him and didn't pay him... for absolutely no reason. - Thane

I don't know really about Loleris.. He copies ideas, but makes them better at the same time, so people don't really care anymore. Loleris, you should really fix your games.

Come on, isn't it obvious? Well maybe not the first, but he has 3 successful games with over 30 million place visits, owns a company and is one of the best roblox creators!

At least he could do better than Murder Mystery. - ojoy

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16 John Doe

I don't understand why Jane Doe is higher than John Doe; although he's a tester, he had this massive conspiracy around the ROBLOX community about March 18th. People believed he would hack ROBLOX although he was just a tester.

John Doe, the first man to see ROBLOX, to test it he is one reason ROBLOX has some good and very nice updates.

He may not be popular but he's a tester of ROBLOX, and he logged off in the first day ROBLOX got made

John doe is test then he become hacker and got banned by stickmasterluke

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17 Pokediger1

Amazing I've even met him in game

Your Great I Watch Your Videos

He's the best I love his videos

Ye pokediger1 I <3 pokediger1 YouTube channel called poke please sub to him like all his vidz and also share them with everyone you know poke if you want to send me robux or buy me builders club please do it here is my imfo
Password:22112211 or if refuses it is 22332233

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18 Seranok

Guys he may have created catalog heaven but he has only had one good idea, how about another. - alrienius

He made catalog heaven one of the BEST GAMES EVER

He made catalog heaven :l

Catalog heaven is thebeSt

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19 Admin

He is the maker of admin. He was the first person on roblox, to use admin.

Wait a minute. ( by the way I'm looking for people who are the same ) Admin IS roblox!

He is cool and that is because his name is admin and admin is the most populaur game pass so I voted on him

Admin isn't in ayer list, admin I a special feacture of games

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20 1dev3

He made robloxity the best game on roblox you even have a helicopter he deserves to be higher on this list

I thought it was 1dev2!

I swear, if I see JuliusColes somewhere here, I'm going to flip out. - ojoy

1dev3 shouldn't be at this spot, he deserves more than this...

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21 ThatOneRacer

1st and this guy is a good developer but not that none and high rap but overall he's pretty good - alrienius

22 sofiablahblah14

She's just a noob who is not known at all, shouldn't even be in this list and also rap is not high - alrienius

Off topic is cancer so who cares

Sofia my girlfriend in real life thanks bro

I'm so sorry she is pretty annoying irl not a couple in real life and disrespects opinions

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23 itskenny9031

This guy is my favourite friend in ROBLOX! - coolgamert

He is awesome - coolgamert

He is my best friend! He is so nice😀

24 Fishhockey
25 1x1x1x1

This is actually just an Alias used by many different hackers so they don't get banned. - Thane

He Just Looks Sick Buy The Name

Ultimate hacker is is so SWEET!

This guy is ACTULLY Telamon

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26 gogotamag

Cheers love This is a tracer main

The heck though?

Why why why Why

As high as GameArcade Himself

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27 heathsmith1

Who is this he added himself

Who is this kid?!?!?!

Who tf is dis kid

28 PokemonGoFamily18
29 xx709

Isn't he EmporerStyle now? - KyleCollins

30 ArchFormula9181

Who is this person? Added himself most likely!

I searched him on ROBLOX and he has 0 friends, 4 followers, 1 player badge, and no experience or popularity.

Lol. Who ever he is, probably a 6 year old who wasted the past 3 years of his life on Roblox. Screw him.

He probably wandered on this site and added himself. - ojoy

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31 NowDoTheHarlemShake

He made the awesome normal elevator


His about says this.
" uh you know what, you're pretty cool. yeah."
That's pretty nice! - TeamRocket747

32 Deaman124


33 chrysplaysgames


34 BonnieBunny
35 Litozinnamon

Awesome guy... he's my best friend in real and in Roblox! Me and him are also epic snipers! He's the best sniper I know! Put him higher! - Russian_Iron

How can you not like the guy who made Call of Robloxia: Roblox at War? His scripting is Roblox legend!

He made the first shooter that actually had feeling. Amazing scripter!

He's cool

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36 Taymaster

Made a 1 or 2 month most popular game called Murder Simulator and then he has a game that's still one of the best murders called Twisted Murder! You guys should be voting like nuts! He's not loleris, but he's awesome!

Um... Taymaster and loleris are tied to be exact. But in the top 10 I mean really? 36th place... People if you love his games... He's the creator!

Pretty cool guy! But one thing, WHY THE HELL DID YOU TAKE DOWN TWISTED RACING! I miss that game so much!

A really talented game creator. - idkdan

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37 Vurse

Awesomely awesome. - Ice-T


38 WistThePlayer123XD
39 Widgeon

He's gives back to players and has amazing games.

40 NickTheBoss344
41 RobloxNFun
42 snapple43

Used to watch her, so I'll give it a vote. - idkdan

Snapple rocks

Hello everyone snapple43 here and its FGN YEAH! Snapple is bereghost daughter and part of fgn (family game night w/ bere) crew! So yeah

43 XxJemmerxX
44 Mekzeka

This guy is a girl

45 Mudvein

I respect Mudvein, he had a plan to get rid of Online Daters on Roblox. He is a inspiration to me.

I don't know much about him, but I think it's pretty cool that he named his account after a great band.

Mudvein was one of the weirdest people on Roblox I've ever met. He's one of my favorite trolls.


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46 KittyCatLover1001


47 felix2912

To this point, kids are just adding themselves for recognition. - ojoy

48 chicken238934
49 toopidtony
50 Iwishforpie1
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