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221 Drake1780

He is like the best footbal and basketball player on roblox he got it all from sword fighting you should really add him he so epic

222 baberuth10
223 SilentSwords

Owner of the Roblox Super clan WIJ. Excellent scripter, famous for excellent technology in Roblox. Also famous for the superb bases like the all famous Outpost Indigo, Castle Cobalt, and the new Outpost Indigo II.

224 Silverswordgold2

Makes the best Minecraft Games anyone could imagine! Trust me, he is pretty awesome!

225 N****Man24 V 1 Comment
226 KaranBrar980
227 epicdbz
228 Batodor
229 lavykyle123 V 2 Comments
230 Willz217

Creator of lava jump

232 maroonwolf2323

Just really awesome and known for his awesomeness and his role playing and good friends with people and never whines about stuff and got 32 awards

233 Lolfail
234 testin423

He created a game called Welcome To The Neighborhood of ROBLOX and the game is always front page

Created a popular game that has been that way for almost the whole year of 2013.

235 Dued1

WHAT! This guy should be at least in the top 20! Instead he is in the top 400 HOW! He made the most famous and popular game EVER! Work at a pizza place which has 95 MILLION VISITS! And he has 100MILLION place visits together!

Wait a minute! This guy should at least be in the top 20! He made work at pizza place!

I think that he should swap places with lories, Or at least be 5 in front of him!

This guy HAS to be on the top 10

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236 287842
237 cmpunck2009
238 Soulweaver13
239 20070701
240 Kidzrock4
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