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241 narwall V 1 Comment
242 oreokid1282 V 1 Comment
243 littlepinkman
244 coolfred1324

Is a big fan of greenlazer1 and loves to go fishing, play video games, and of cource be on roblox.

245 nike1113

Loves roblox and loves to be with his best friend, greenlazer1!

246 padmeroseblood

Hi I'm padme rose blood and will tell you the top five friends that I like, ok here they are... Narwall1 because he is so kind, cool, beast looking, amazing best person I've seen on roblox! Next is greenlazer1 because he is cool, awesome, kind, and good at making his places! Next is shedletsky because he is so cool looking, beast, and I'm a big fan of him! Next is stickmasterluke because he is so kind, awesome, amazing, cool looking, and I'm a big fan of him to! Last is redneckcreek because he is cool, awesome, nice, beast, but not that good at fighting!

247 shadowninja1282

Shadowninja is so cool he is my 1st favorite on it he is just so cool and beast and amazing and awesome he is just every awesome thing you can call him.

He's sweet looking!

249 Toiletreaper V 1 Comment
250 Alpha3550
251 Badman118
252 Hurshisawesome
253 hke12

He is an epic game maker who make two player war tycoon. You should try it by the way

"lol no berezaa made two player war tycoon"
Actually berezaa made Two Player GUN Factory Tycoon." Get your facts right before you comment.

V 2 Comments
254 ResoluteBob229
255 Reallyrichguy

Luvs to play roblox and is a fabulous friend to anyone around him! He will donate! He also helps people script! Friend him now!

V 1 Comment
256 Drake1780

He is like the best footbal and basketball player on roblox he got it all from sword fighting you should really add him he so epic

257 baberuth10
258 SilentSwords

Owner of the Roblox Super clan WIJ. Excellent scripter, famous for excellent technology in Roblox. Also famous for the superb bases like the all famous Outpost Indigo, Castle Cobalt, and the new Outpost Indigo II.

259 Silverswordgold2

Makes the best Minecraft Games anyone could imagine! Trust me, he is pretty awesome!

260 N****Man24 V 1 Comment
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