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321 GentleBanana V 1 Comment
322 Amina70720
323 dif19
324 garyrocks237

He is so rich how can you not vote for him

325 alex15678

Best builder In the history of roblox! He's a great builder, friend, epic, cool, and amazing!

326 crazyman32
327 missyrissy2002
328 Bulline

He is really nice and has 398 friends

329 VyrissTheVixen

Used to be named "TheFurryFox", Vyriss creates extremely fun games, and is rather very rich.

V 3 Comments
330 SoCloseToSyndicate

A YouTuber with over 1,000 subscribers who used to troll on Roblox and Minecraft with her fans and her friends. She currently has 2 games in beta (from what I saw). She joins games frequently.

331 ethandao1
332 Semisweetjarl12
333 SirKestrel

Hi, I'm SirKestrel, a Board Member at Kestrel

334 BradleyG123456
335 ButterDiesel
336 ButterRider

ButterDiesel's Best Friend Good Name Like ButterDiesel I Started With Buying 40$ And I Bought because And I Got 3000 Robux From Gift Card

337 Carterbenfit
338 Tntman36
339 PrincessAnshulovix
340 Lap2012

A Extremely Good Sword Fighter

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