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341 pes2010messi

He has started from the bottom and now he's getting rich. He also has a inspiration on phily421 and testin423. He is currently being blessed by many famous robloxians, one is Hailey118119 who has recently made her top game debut.

342 Jacobtheman2007

I don't know if this is his username but he's the person who created Roblox goes crazy - Nick_brick78

343 TheGamer101

Creator of sword fighting tournament and many other awesome games.

344 PastelDogs

He is the best gear fighter ever

345 Alexware

2 famous games in 2010, one of the first people on ROBLOX, as his back story states, his old account is PTR. He owns TONS of items (mostly gears haha he loves gears) I've known Alex for a long time.

346 MrCharlez
347 MajesticFlakes V 1 Comment
348 Rusherboy

Maybe not the most popular robloxians around, but is fun and very kind.

349 Crowngamingnum2
350 BuildIntoGames

Creator of many popular games like guest quest

Wow. can't belive it, He SHOULD be at least top 30

351 67noobs V 1 Comment
352 NullSenseStudio

Creator of sandbox, the best game ever

353 JuliusColesv2

Wait a minute! This guy should be at least 5,000!

This guy sucks.
He copied 1dev2 and said he made it himself
He is a complete liar and traitor to robloxia

Made a front page game. That's one of the things almost no one can do. He made a fun rp game. SO what if he used free models?

V 1 Comment
354 Linkmon99

He rich, he swag, he nice, he cool

355 joethewinner1
356 BugattiFan3B
357 Wingsofsky
359 Matthewteixeira
360 venomshank888888

Why? Well, why not?

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