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341 55twister56

He is a jerk don't vote for him

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342 cirbiwork

Pretty cool he is most likely to get a girlfriend

343 Weapon Tester
344 Alexrocks911
345 Awesomelionking
346 Awesomelionking10
347 SantaMeNot7

He is Santa HO HO HO I am user cole10198 - Batmaniscole

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348 Poopyypumpum

Not a bad person at all.

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349 iMissBacon

Because its me dummies. I have an epic name :3

350 BobBrick
351 Teamawesomeface232
352 mirfar

Mirfar is the creator of Speed Run Special and has over 500 R$!

353 iluvmirfar

I'm 1 of mirfars biggest fans! Its true, she created Speed Run Special. Her game is a hit, a big hit!

354 PlaceRebuilder

I love his game! Why isn't he in the list?

This guy is cool

355 DrBrickMaster
356 CyberConor

His group is super awesome

357 Rrcherrpie1

She faithful and pray for everyone and friendly so go on be here friend

358 shootshoot99
359 Faave

Faave is the most subscribed channel in YouTube 17k subs ( also his videos r funny )

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360 IsaiahDeathHunter
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