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361 BuildIntoGames

Creator of many popular games like guest quest

Wow. can't belive it, He SHOULD be at least top 30

362 67noobs V 1 Comment
363 NullSenseStudio

Creator of sandbox, the best game ever

364 JuliusColesv2

Wait a minute! This guy should be at least 5,000!

This guy sucks.
He copied 1dev2 and said he made it himself
He is a complete liar and traitor to robloxia

Made a front page game. That's one of the things almost no one can do. He made a fun rp game. SO what if he used free models?

V 1 Comment
365 Linkmon99

He rich, he swag, he nice, he cool

366 joethewinner1
367 BugattiFan3B
368 Wingsofsky
370 Matthewteixeira
371 venomshank888888

Why? Well, why not?

372 chimp899

I respect him because he is awesome

I respect because he is awesome

I respect he is awesome

373 Eximinator23

I has made a dinosaurs

374 cryhasroblox
375 dasiy466 V 1 Comment
376 ZacAttackk

He creates very good game

377 XavierCharlesworth
378 Zendarium
379 Michaelisaiah22
380 DeltaWarrior427

I think he is the coolest because he has millions of robux, and he has a jealous brother.

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