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361 coolbadboy50xd

He has more robux than any body he is a anti hacker for roblox to roblox allows him to hack robux to himself but I havnt been online for a few years -_-

362 Justinisgek

He is one of the nicest guys I've ever met on ROBLOX... His game has over 5K visits and it's one of the funniest games I've ever played.

363 PlantTerrence6

He looks so cool and he is a life saver roblox almost ended but he saved it from happening hackers were trying to hacke roblox and he stopped them I want to be like him on roblox

364 RKingM15jr
365 Cigh

He is awesome a nice dud and friend

366 Therobuxking
367 Trolleroftrollers
368 Mrminerofroblox
369 Cole1198
370 Mrroblox
371 757Expert
372 brandonr15

Best person ever. kind, and nice!

373 ThatOne125

He is a friend - Batmaniscole

374 10198
375 stormblade3000

He just a friend-noob thing.

376 Lcd2117
377 Ststst99
378 razorrocker89

This dude! He's so nice and fun!

-I agree he is nice and fun but he changed his name to Unconspicuous

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379 FloraOfHearts

Not only is she nice, sweet, or pretty, but she's the nicest friend a Robloxian could ever have! She started playing Roblox in 2010 and still plays it today. This girl is unique and she has her own special style. this is why she used to have so many friends in 2010. Every Robloxian would love to be friends with this awesome girl.

380 RandomRobloxTV

He makes some great videos

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