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21 Pokediger1

Why ban

He’s quite lucky to be 21

22 heathsmith1

Who is this he added himself

Who is this kid?!?!?!

Who tf is dis kid

23 PokemonGoFamily18
24 1x1x1x1

This is actually just an Alias used by many different hackers so they don't get banned. - Thane

He Just Looks Sick Buy The Name

Ultimate hacker is is so SWEET!

This guy is ACTULLY Telamon

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25 ArchFormula9181

Who is this person? Added himself most likely!

I searched him on ROBLOX and he has 0 friends, 4 followers, 1 player badge, and no experience or popularity.

Lol. Who ever he is, probably a 6 year old who wasted the past 3 years of his life on Roblox. Screw him.

He probably wandered on this site and added himself. - ojoy

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26 Admin

He is the maker of admin. He was the first person on roblox, to use admin.

Wait a minute. ( by the way I'm looking for people who are the same ) Admin IS roblox!

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27 itskenny9031

This guy is my favourite friend in ROBLOX! - coolgamert

He is awesome - coolgamert

28 Deaman124 V 1 Comment
29 NowDoTheHarlemShake

He made the awesome normal elevator

His about says this.
" uh you know what, you're pretty cool. yeah."
That's pretty nice! - TeamRocket747


How many badges have you made? Oh, what! -

He made Sunset City too! Best game ever!

FEAR for the win - DarkKnightX1

He created F.E.A.R (the most succesful war group) and created the popular game Island of Veenza.

He should be on worst just for owning a war group.

31 chrysplaysgames V 1 Comment
32 BonnieBunny
33 Taymaster

Made a 1 or 2 month most popular game called Murder Simulator and then he has a game that's still one of the best murders called Twisted Murder! You guys should be voting like nuts! He's not loleris, but he's awesome!

Um... Taymaster and loleris are tied to be exact. But in the top 10 I mean really? 36th place... People if you love his games... He's the creator!

Pretty cool guy! But one thing, WHY THE HELL DID YOU TAKE DOWN TWISTED RACING! I miss that game so much!

A really talented game creator. - idkdan

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34 Vurse


35 Widgeon

He's gives back to players and has amazing games.

36 WistThePlayer123XD
37 snapple43

Used to watch her, so I'll give it a vote. - idkdan

Hello everyone snapple43 here and its FGN YEAH! Snapple is bereghost daughter and part of fgn (family game night w/ bere) crew! So yeah

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38 NickTheBoss344
39 RobloxNFun
40 gogotamag
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