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401 Wingsofsky
403 Matthewteixeira
404 venomshank888888

Why? Well, why not?

405 chimp899

I respect him because he is awesome

I respect because he is awesome

I respect he is awesome

406 Eximinator23

I has made a dinosaurs

407 cryhasroblox
408 dasiy466 V 1 Comment
409 ZacAttackk

He creates very good game

410 XavierCharlesworth
411 Zendarium
412 Michaelisaiah22
413 DeltaWarrior427

I think he is the coolest because he has millions of robux, and he has a jealous brother.

414 JuliusColes

This guy just copies stuff

V 1 Comment
415 leonORA

Who is this? Most likely added himself.

Yea know, this guys not that bad

I love his battle game

Vote for this guy

V 1 Comment
416 Dark1020
417 Ozzypig

This guy is a really good game maker.

418 Aurarus

He made one of the best One Piece Games ever. Until his one piece game got hacked :c. The game is from a shared account (AuraWorl)

419 Fvii V 1 Comment
420 frogmama8
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