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421 hugepokemon
422 masterbela5
423 Krxken

Her old username was souralice123 and a couple of years later she got OBC for lifetime

424 Evergreencrystal

Plans to make videos and is gaining at least 1 or 2 subscribers every 2 weeks and has 17 subscribers.

425 rudeguest V 2 Comments
426 wwefanboy03

Super nice and can put up a great argument to anyone who crosses him. I've met him he's a great guy his game stinks but then again u have to be like a hacker to make a good game.

V 1 Comment
427 whatthedude

I like adding myself

428 MiniToon

Amazing Roblox builder amazing friend and amazing person in general! Let's go MiniToon!

429 fa1ry
430 TehBear666

? He is a very inappropriate troll on Roblox. I usually find him on Boys Girls hangout

431 ADHDanger V 1 Comment
432 CarellVX

How could you not say him he's a boss

433 Hevange V 2 Comments
434 Deathriox
435 SlingshotJunkie V 1 Comment
436 Stig04

He's so awesome! Although he is losing TBC, I would think Stig04 should be in the top 1000!

437 iiRaphaelB

Very good and new

V 1 Comment
438 08lachlan
439 Maryg505

I love her places she is also the best Miranda I know that is ever on roblox!

I can't believe I see her on, I actually know her she's my friend lol

V 4 Comments
440 STORMER2421
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