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441 Markerpens V 3 Comments
442 Polymorphic
443 Spicybudlight

Oh my lord. One of my all time besties. He is very kind and humorous. I often like to play games with him like Pool Tycoon 4 or Limited Universe. We made a pool called Spice N' Ice. He definitely should be on this list. Also Spicy if your reading this, it's Ice :P

- Coolice90

444 Josh77974452
445 Tirelo1

He's made his first video that isn't that good but he's cool accepts friend requests he's just cool he plays with everyone

446 Lados2009

She is so kind and follows the roblox rules! I want to be her and follow the roblox rules! I hope I meet her :3

447 LondonTaDahz

I'm glad he reached 6,000 subs, he's so funny! I met him and I was like LOL and I was exicted!


She is a kid but cool and be sure to meet her!

449 LondonzTaDahz

I'm glad he reached 6,000 subs, LondonTaDahz is his alt account


Cousin of SANDYNP, she has a channel be sure to check it out! It's called "Kandy Nguyen"
and subscribe to her to support her!

451 OfficialRef

Professional Roblox FPS player for Chroma Gaming. Really cool dude who does youtube.

452 TelamonLikeDaboss29
453 JJ7294

Way back when I used to play this game. Memories of staying up all night playing. Good times - Jonerman

454 mrdooombringer

Yep leeav is super awesome to and the first ever buyer of the bam hammer and plays football games far too much and really allot so little much

456 Toiletreaper V 1 Comment
457 Alpha3550
458 Badman118
459 Hurshisawesome
460 NoobSaibot64
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