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41 Litozinnamon

Awesome guy... he's my best friend in real and in Roblox! Me and him are also epic snipers! He's the best sniper I know! Put him higher! - Russian_Iron

How can you not like the guy who made Call of Robloxia: Roblox at War? His scripting is Roblox legend!

He made the first shooter that actually had feeling. Amazing scripter!

He is an epic scripter! Vote for him to get to the top of the line please!

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42 xx709
43 KittyCatLover1001


44 felix2912

To this point, kids are just adding themselves for recognition. - ojoy

45 Fishhockey
46 toopidtony
47 Iwishforpie1
48 XxJemmerxX
49 Mekzeka
50 chicken238934
51 Mudvein

I respect Mudvein, he had a plan to get rid of Online Daters on Roblox. He is a inspiration to me.

I don't know much about him, but I think it's pretty cool that he named his account after a great band.

Mudvein was one of the weirdest people on Roblox I've ever met. He's one of my favorite trolls.

I love this guy.

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52 AdamIshBae

He had a 1v1 in boys vs gurls against this dude. He thrashed him

Most Kindest guy ever. Helps out others. He doesn't make games but he is good at playing many games. Recently saw him play BrickBatlle. He smashed everyone. I think he deserves to be at least in the top 50.

I love how he is passionate about playing games

He's a beast. - ojoy

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53 valadin1

My personal favourite from the FGN Crew :P
Valadina The Doge c:

54 Starbattle
55 5_5I
56 Jennier1200
57 RektBodyBag
58 Opecale
59 Pughugs12345
60 samymon
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