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101 Tytonodell
102 mindlesskyle12
103 Collingwoodfan
104 Sirgregory888

People say this guy's mean because he deleted lots of his friends and followers but it was only because he is modest. How he managed to get rid of his place views, I have no clue.

By far the best guy on roblox. He is a total legend I mean you can't deny it.

I once met him and he was by far the nicest guy on roblox. He should be much higher.


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105 TobyJoeBuscus

TobyJoeBuscus, as you had guessed, is Tobuscus. Toby used to have a Roblox series and since then, his open green place has over 20,000 visits!

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106 guest666


107 narwall1

I think narwall1 is the best person on roblox because he was the only one who ever wanted to be my friend!

Narwall1 is so cool and awesome he is my favorite person on roblox. Who thinks he is cool! Me!

Narwall1 Is the best person because he is so good at sword fighting!

I really like narwall1 because he is a really good sword fighter!

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108 Xjack1233X

He made the Awesome Rodawn series, which is only like, I don't know the greatest Roblox Machinima of all time!

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109 Ruckelram

She is friends with a lot of people including cole10198 supertrevin5 and amazingdude26

110 Crazyfuzzbot

Crazyfuzzbot is haliorous

111 Zachhelms

This guy wears ridiculous costumes, like mysterio outfits and his own outfit which he calls zaccman. He is also hilarious.

He totally owns, started real humour that was QUALITY GOOD ON ROBLOX! But he is just as funny as noobsaibot64.

His favorite robloxian was JJ5X5! Whats not good about him? ZachHelms in my opinion is Awesome, a lot better than SONICTHENOOBHOGXX and his dumb brother SHADOW.

112 Redneckcreek

Redneckcreek is one of the best friends that I can think of.
1. He always stays cool.
2. He is an epic fighter
3. He is like a ninja in battle.
4. His favorite food is beef jerky.
This guy really has some skill. He is an epic friend so I would friend him. EPIC, EPIC, EPIC HE IS.

Guys I know him he is my cousin and he is not that hood of a sword fighter but he is a good wrestler.

I think Redneckcreek is the best friend ever!
He awesomely epic. A great fighter. He's like a secret ninja man. Over all he's epic! Really!

This guy is a pile of lies. He is not popular. I have NEVER heard of this guy outside of this list. I am sure he added him on this list just for attention.

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113 Brianredspy12
114 Josuefel6659
115 Bluiej1
116 VladTheFirst
117 TheAppleKid709
118 sindey1111111111111
119 PowerfulTekin

He's a nice guy that makes good clothes.

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120 Ihaxlolb
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