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141 Dayren

Comedy at its finest!

142 Redlaser2

Is a huge fan of greenlazer1, loves to play football, and enjoys building things on roblox!

143 crusher274
144 XxrobloxX4575 V 2 Comments
145 EZcheez
146 HolyVastus14

He is great helper and mastered of training... He is only best friend of Christopher5052 (Best sword fighter). He is help him to build awesome place... Check out at Christopher5052's place!

Indeed, he is guardian me from my enemy. He killed him many time throughout he get knockout! THANKS TO HOLYVASTUS14! GLORY TO HolyVastus14!

147 SUPerRJ425sa
148 Trololol

Trololol is me thanks to the support I have

149 Coolice90

My best friend. He is kind, cool and funny. I always find myself laughing at his jokes. One time we were playing a game and we were building a boat to survive water. We didn't build well but Coolice90 said "Bring it mother nature! You can't beat our undefeated ship! ". When it failed he said "Maybe not "

Awesome awesome awesome since he is my brother and to me he is very awesome!

Ok he is awesome to me only thing I have to say about him

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150 sqaunson

He makes epic games such as the one where you destroy Jared!

151 Rapster2
152 Pegacorn18
153 Kohl123123

He makes EPIC games and have a great group called The First Empire

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154 iJadeyBunnySwegHun V 1 Comment
155 Suzutsuki

I mean, it's a Japanese name so why not?
Bloodiest girl you will ever met on Roblox.
So mental it makes her cute.
Deadly if angry.

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156 Alexnewtron

Disposal, what constitutes a quote becoming one of the best quotes ever?

I mean, it s a pretty tall order. There are so many variables to consider, just like this guy.

He makes really awesome games. Which is why I consider him to be on this 10 list

HOW IS THIS GUY NOT ON THIS LIST?!?!?!? He made so many great games and even won a Game Developing award!

Best person ever

Is not that bad

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157 AwsomeBryan09

He's just so good

158 Supertrevin5

He might not talk but that good he does not want to be mean and friends with cole10198 ruckelram and amazingdude26

159 ivanhorn

Helps Robloxians out a lot

160 Cheon101
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