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141 Cheon101
142 galacticdiamond300
143 Pixelflame V 1 Comment
144 berezaa

He made MINERS HAVEN one of the best games on Roblox and Azure Mines, Two Player Gun Factory Tycoon, and many more. Super talented dude should be #1!

I mean,
He created Two Player Gun Factory Tycoon!
And he recreated "The Conquerors" ( which he was allowed to remake by HatHelper.)

145 CreepurKing

Sorry wanted to add my name I am very friendly and I made the comment about 1dev3

V 1 Comment
146 sheepmaster02

Makes good games like Name that Character 2.0

V 1 Comment
147 Icecreamfuture10

Guys he should be top ten ok he's just so friendly his trades are awesome!

V 4 Comments
148 Kathalinuh

She is my favorite designer ever! I have most of the clothes she has made.. :D

149 Captian Goldez

Please friend him on roblox and make him famous he has mad skills on roblox

V 2 Comments
150 Cubey515

Man.He is a Blockhead lover.He loves blockheads like a model called "The Blockhead Assult" and it's revenge
plus I saw him in SFOTHO.2,312 KOs

151 Spyro372

Complex. One of the best games ever. He also sells louds of clothing. How is he not added when the list was even created - FerrariDude64

152 Fleskhjerta
153 Vurse V 1 Comment
154 yrrebRBLX/yrreb

He is the best commercial plane builder. He used to give them for free. He did not deserve his old account to be hacked. He is back.

155 Maguilard

Never give up on life there's always some bacon when you least expect it

156 ryder3428753194 V 1 Comment
157 Ambamby
158 marlythedog2007

Yeah he does play a lot he's got I think about 185 badges that showers his effort on roblox

Marlythedog2007 plays an awfull lot of games and he's played about 50 thousand games and likes them all he should be in 1st

159 FloridaGators3

Ha, I'm ahead of mrdoombringer. Wow, and whoever added me...Thank You. - peaceswagtv

160 Starshipbomb12 V 1 Comment
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