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161 GamerQuinn
162 MarissLatvia V 2 Comments
163 Thundermaker300

Awesome guy, makes epic minigames and hangouts. - HarryPGaming


He made sandbox! Need I say more?

V 3 Comments
165 ammarrr
166 ryanryan78
167 Dayren

Comedy at its finest!

168 Fartz
169 Redlaser2

Is a huge fan of greenlazer1, loves to play football, and enjoys building things on roblox!

170 crusher274
171 XxrobloxX4575 V 2 Comments
172 EZcheez
173 HolyVastus14

He is great helper and mastered of training... He is only best friend of Christopher5052 (Best sword fighter). He is help him to build awesome place... Check out at Christopher5052's place!

Indeed, he is guardian me from my enemy. He killed him many time throughout he get knockout! THANKS TO HOLYVASTUS14! GLORY TO HolyVastus14!

174 SUPerRJ425sa
175 Trololol

Trololol is me thanks to the support I have

176 Dued1

WHAT! This guy should be at least in the top 20! Instead he is in the top 400 HOW! He made the most famous and popular game EVER! Work at a pizza place which has 95 MILLION VISITS! And he has 100MILLION place visits together!

Wait a minute! This guy should at least be in the top 20! He made work at pizza place!

I think that he should swap places with lories, Or at least be 5 in front of him!

I like work at a pizza place, but the reason I voted him isn't because work at a pizza place, ITS BECAUSE OF HIS LOOK! Mabye I just like the idea of blue skin and 8-ball headphones, I dunno.

V 3 Comments
177 Coolice90

My best friend. He is kind, cool and funny. I always find myself laughing at his jokes. One time we were playing a game and we were building a boat to survive water. We didn't build well but Coolice90 said "Bring it mother nature! You can't beat our undefeated ship! ". When it failed he said "Maybe not "

Awesome awesome awesome since he is my brother and to me he is very awesome!

Ok he is awesome to me only thing I have to say about him

V 1 Comment
178 sqaunson

He makes epic games such as the one where you destroy Jared!

179 Rapster2
180 Kohltastrophe

Oh come, on, who DOESN'T love admin? - kennywilliams21

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