Best Robot Wars House Robots

The Top Ten

1 Dead Metal

Great weapons that always made fights all the more exciting whenever they were used.

2 Sir Killalot

The best house robot out there

3 Growler

Crusher Jaw.Amazing

4 Mr Psycho

Loved it when it was flipped by Firestorm IV

5 Shunt

Diamond pickaxe = total awesomeness.

6 Sergeant Bash

The first boss house robot. The flame will always be unique and the new claw update allowed it to be more competitive. Shame it wasn't used as much, especially as the newer larger house robots overpowered with their weapons

7 Matilda

The house bot who flipped 3 robots out of the arena, and livened up every battle!

8 Cassius Chrome

Aka TSLHP(The Shortest Living House Robot)

9 Refbot

Rubbish but Funny
"He and Dead Metal seem to have a connection"
DevilBoyScooby playing Robot Wars:Extreme Destruction(Again) Part lll

10 Shove

The Contenders

11 Major Damage

(Not really a house robot
"Here's Major Damage-Yes, you've guessed it.It causes major damage! "
-Jonathan Pearce's in-game commentary in Robot Wars:Arenas of Destruction

12 The Sentinel

The Sentinel I could have believed was only seen 4 or 5 times. He was a JCB Truck!

13 Axe

That's a weapon

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