Best Robyn Songs

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Dancing On My Own Dancing On My Own Cover Art
Call Your Girlfriend Call Your Girlfriend Cover Art

I know this song after Cher Lloyd's cover for it.

With Every Heartbeat With Every Heartbeat Cover Art
Be Mine Be Mine Cover Art
Do It Again Do It Again Cover Art
Missing U Missing U Cover Art
Do You Know (What It Takes) Do You Know (What It Takes) Cover Art
Dream On Dream On Cover Art

This song literally made me cry when I heard it for the first time

Handle Me Handle Me Cover Art
Indestructible Indestructible Cover Art

Robyn has many great songs but this one is my favorite.

Easy for me to choose.

The Contenders

Honey Honey Cover Art
Bum Like You Bum Like You Cover Art
Crash and Burn Girl Crash and Burn Girl Cover Art
Hang With Me Hang With Me Cover Art
Cry When You Get Older Cry When You Get Older Cover Art
Keep This Fire Burning
Cobrastyle Cobrastyle Cover Art
Show Me Love Show Me Love Cover Art
Monument Monument Cover Art
Electric Electric Cover Art
Fembot Fembot Cover Art
Ever Again Ever Again Cover Art
U Should Know Better U Should Know Better Cover Art
In My Eyes In My Eyes Cover Art
Konichiwa Bitches Konichiwa Bitches Cover Art
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