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1 Living Things - Linkin Park

Rap is not bad for rock
It actually one the reason they have great song

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2 The Strange Case Of... - Halestorm

What The Hell Are Talking About... Al You Crazy People Linkin Park Album Was Not Up To The Mark... With Only One oR 2Good Songs... But This Album Is Full OF Hitzz... Thwe Best Of 2012 No Doubt. Please Vote For It. Grammy Award Winner

3 Amaryllis - Shinedown

Let me say that this is my least favorite Shinedown album, and I like Living Things better (than this album), but I like Shinedown enough to give my vote to Amaryllis instead of adding another vote to Living Things to keep it at spot #1.

This is a though one because my three favorite albums of the year are all in the top three but this albums are just that bit more positive.

The best album so far this year but there is still more albums coming
Waiting for Metallica

4 The Connection - Papa Roach

What is the connection doing on the 7th place?
It should be at least 4... It is the best papa roach album and the screams of shaddix and the heavy riffs of jerry horton, with powerful bass background of tobin makes the album perfect for a rock lover, and also for people new to the modern rock world... And of course the drumming is excellent, palermo fills in every gap of silence with his all-too-perfect drumming... Songs like before I die, silence is the enemy and wont let up... Are the marks of today's modern rock music... I love papa roach for what they are, and I know this is their best album by now... And I am highly dissapointed that it is the 7th best of 2012... I think the raters might not have listened to the album properly... The lyrics on the album will probably leave a listener dumbfound... I rate this album 4 and a half stars... Vote for the ones who deserve it... And papa roach is one of them...

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5 Transit of Venus - Three Days Grace

The Goodbye album for Adam Gontier.. Nobody's voice will come even close

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6 The End is Where We Begin - Thousand Foot Krutch
7 Nerd of Desire - Sugamice

Amazing voice and arrangments. Senseful funny lyrics written and sang by Yvonne Muentener (YVE) one of the finest and most interesting female rock stars in the world.
Stunning new songs combined with the unique guitar sound of Mr McOwen.

Cute and funny cover, funny lyrics, splendid sound and wow what a voice!

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8 Koi No Yokan - Deftones

It's a fact that this is the best rock album of 2012, none of these albums even received as much praise as Koi No Yokan. Di

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9 Minus the Machine - 10 Years
10 Murdered Love - P.O.D.

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11 Clockwork Angels - Rush

Linkin park above rush? This site is full of juveniles - Sabbath

I'm 15 and Clockwork Angels was my favorite Album of 2012! LONG LIVE RUSH!

12 Apocalyptic Love - Slash

Slash is only getting better and better with every album, this one was very awesome, great things will come from slash in the next years, LONG LIVE HARD ROCK!

13 No One Can Ever Know - The Twilight Sad
14 I Bet On Sky - Dinosaur Jr.
15 Not Your Kind of People - Garbage
16 The Idler Wheel... - Fiona Apple
17 Oceania - The Smashing Pumpkins

When someone puts Linkin Park ahead of Smashing Pumpkins that person must be retard

18 King Animal - Soundgarden
19 Take the Crown - Robbie Williams
20 Celebration Rock - Japandroids
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1. Living Things - Linkin Park
2. The Strange Case Of... - Halestorm
3. Transit of Venus - Three Days Grace
1. I Bet On Sky - Dinosaur Jr.
2. Koi No Yokan - Deftones
3. No One Can Ever Know - The Twilight Sad



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