Best Rock Albums of 2013

The Top Ten

1 Hail to the King - Avenged Sevenfold

YES! A7X 4 LIFE! Hail to the King is just BADASS - Jetticus12

2 Rise - Skillet

Beautiful, stunning, amazing album. My second favourite album this year. Words cannot describe this album, please listen to it - EvilAngel

Amazing album, a mix of all of Skillet's music from previous records. Fantastic album

3 Temper Temper - Bullet for My Valentine

My mom got this - Ajkloth

Dude some of these albums are metal, no rock. You basically copied MetalFoREVer1228

4 Sempiternal - Bring Me the Horizon

Absolutely amazing creation by bring me the horizon. Sleepwalking, shadow moses snakes start to sing are awesome song from the album. - nikdalion2

5 Wretched and Divine (The Story of the Wild Ones) - Black Veil Brides
6 Construct - Dark Tranquility
7 13 - Black Sabbath

God Is Dead, Methademic, Dear Father all chilling slow, then HARD ROCK songs

Amazing album

8 The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here - Alice in Chains
9 Notes From the Underground - Hollywood Undead
10 The Paradigm Shift - Korn

The Contenders

11 Burials - AFI
12 Lightning Bolt - Pearl Jam
13 ... Like Clockwork - Queens of the Stone Age
14 The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1 - Five Finger Death Punch
15 Device - Device

Having only heard two Device songs, Haze ft.M.Shadows and You Think You Know (from the August edition of Metal Hammer), I gotta say this band is amazing and I look forward to getting this album - Danielsun182

16 Fortress - Alter Bridge

This is called a rock album a masterpiece album no word do describe it is awesome epic great myles Voice is one of the best

17 Release the Panic - Red

HOW IS THIS NOT IN THE TOP TEN! This Album is Absolutely Amazing! - RandomGuy18

18 Vengeance Falls - Trivium
19 Fashionably Late - Falling In Reverse
20 Topple the Giants - Adema
21 From Death to Destiny - Asking Alexandria

Dude I'm actualy gonna throw up reading this list. Temper Temper was god awful! Device is god awful! New Black Sabbath ain't all that, at least the new Asking Alexandria stepped things up (they're actually really "metal" now! )

22 Seeds - Dawn of Justice
23 Venomous Rat Regeneration Vender - Rob Zombie
24 Resilience - Drowning Pool
25 Paramore - Paramore

All those who think Paramore should've ended with the departure of the Farro brothers might want to re-consider after giving this great album a listen.

The track I Hate To See Your Heart Break is my new favorite Paramore song, if not then its in the top 3 - Danielsun182

26 Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies - Volbeat
27 New Demons - I See Stars
28 Trouble Will Find Me - The National

Best album of that year.. no doubts - CristhianR

29 Common Courtesy - A Day to Remember

This must be rated better. It just must.

30 Irons In the Fire - Redlight King
31 Savages - Glamour of the Kill
32 Ungrateful - Escape the Fate
33 Tears on Tape - HIM
34 m b v - My Bloody Valentine

My bloody valentine are you kidding me

35 Reborn - Trapt
36 Black Out the Sun - Sevendust
37 Now What?! - Deep Purple
38 Aftershock - Motorhead
39 Reclamation - Candlelight Red
40 Save Rock N Roll - Fall Out Boy
41 13 - Suicidal Tendencies
42 None More Black - Trivium
43 House of Gold & Bones Part 2 - Stone Sour
44 Going to Hell - The Pretty Reckless
45 Bula Quo! - Status Quo
46 No More Hell to Pay - Stryper
47 The Mountain - Haken
48 Mechanical Bull - Kings of Leon
49 Unstoppable Momentum - Joe Satriani
50 AM - Arctic Monkeys
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