Best Rock Albums of the '90s


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1 Nevermind - Nirvana

How is this number two if it has more percentage of votes than the #1 album. Also, the correct order should be Nevermind, Black Album, Dookie, Ten, Dirt followed by the others.

Nirvana the best band in the world!

KURT COBAIN... I regret one thing... that I wasnt born 30 years ago...

That baby has a big dick, - DapperPickle

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2 Dirt - Alice In Chains

Ten times better than Nevermind in my humble opinion

3 Metallica - Metallica

There are a lot of solid albums of the nineties, but none contain the energy that this one has to offer.

4 Ten - Pearl Jam
5 Innuendo - Queen

Their most solid album from start to finish. Innuendo, I must be Going Slightly Mad, and of course Queen's finest hour: The Show Must Go On
Their last album just so happened to be there greatest one.

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6 Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers
7 Dookie - Green Day
8 Aenima - Tool
9 OK Computer - Radiohead

Fantastic album, radiohead at it's best

What the hell? Number twelve! Just. No.

10 Superunknown - Soundgarden

Superunknown is the best,it has such good lyrics,amazing guitar riffs,mindblowing solos,it's an absolute masterpiece,for me and millions of fans around the world,this is NUMBER 1. I know almost all the Superunknown songs with my electric guitar

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11 Nightfall In Middle-Earth - Blind Guardian
12 The Downward Spiral - Nine Inch Nails

This is the greatest album from the 90's for sure. It never gets old and still sounds new in 2016.

13 Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
14 Evil Empire - Rage Against the Machine
15 Insomniac - Green Day
16 The Razor's Edge - AC/DC
17 Vulgar Display of Power - Pantera
18 Black Sails In the Sunset - Afi
19 Burnt Offerings - Iced Earth
20 Use Your Illusion I - Guns N Roses
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1. Dirt - Alice In Chains
2. Time's Up - Living Colour
3. Nevermind - Nirvana
1. Nevermind - Nirvana
2. OK Computer - Radiohead
3. Ten - Pearl Jam
1. Nevermind - Nirvana
2. Aenima - Tool
3. Blood Sugar Sex Magik - Red Hot Chili Peppers

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