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41 Cradily

Super high special defense and defense, nothing really hurts it especially if it uses curse.

Cradly is love, Cradily is life, he has 8 dicks and is always thirsty, it's a tank

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42 Rampardos

Incredible attack stat but it has horrendous speed. Only 58 base speed but 165 base attack. Its other stats are mediocre or just bad which is probably why it is so low.

It's so low because of Head Smash. Rampardos cannot have Rock Head ability, which means that Head Smash is probably going to hurt a lot! I don't like bothering with the recoil and thus I prefer to go with Stone Edge. This thing is fast af though, so it's all good!

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43 Diancie Diancie V 2 Comments
44 Magcargo

The only fire and rock type I think and it makes a great edition to my all rock team

45 Geodude Geodude

Why not the muscle building nostalgia giving footing head!

The poor thing gets dragged from its home on a rhyperiors paw only to get fired from the rhyperiors palm and get beat up by rhyperiors opponent poor geodude

46 Carracosta

This Pokemon should be rated at least over rhydon because this guy has solid rock which lowers the attack power of super effective moves. This guy is immune to one hit KOs thanks to sturdy. Carracosta can have OP speed, when there is rain because of its ability swift swim. You can increase all of its stats by using shell smash, one of the best stat raising moves in all of Pokemon. Carracosta can beat up most of its weaknesses. Psychic types moves like zen headbutt against fighting types. Ice type moves against ground and grass types. Finally ground type moves against electric types. This Pokemon is as good as the ones in the top ten list.

Carracosta should be #1 because its OP and best fossil Pokemon :) (all fossil Pokemon are hard to get and evolve but to get carracosta its worth it). just to know you restore tirtouga then level it up to level 37! Enough said. - rexprice4

This thing is OP (over powered) can beat almost EVERY rock/ground Pokemons with his water and can beat dragonite with one hit!

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48 Crustle

A hello why is Crustle not in top ten he could easily take out any of his weaknesses on time I one hit a greninja with shell smash and rock wrecker of you guys did forget rock wrecker is The best Rock move so and fire types for him easy kill for ground he could take em down just it would pause as a little problem so any CRUSTLE IS the BEST

One of the most versatile and cool looking Rock types out there.

Crustle can easily wreck any Pokemon and he can defintly wreck a nincada and shedinja heck it could even DESTROY a Mega Tyranatar [if I spelled it wrong don't care] so ya and his shell smash and rock wrecker can take down ANY Pokemon ANY so ya that's why it should be #1

49 Quagsire

The original amphibian pokémon. Despite its low stats and limited movepool a good member for any in game team with a lot of viable builds. But mostly quagsire is just the chilliest mon ever, a real bro to hang out with. It has also only got one weakness, a deadly allergy to vegetables. But you were already considering ice punch as a coverage move on pretty much any pokémon, so that won't be a problem.

50 Omastar
51 Tyrannix

It is said that there was a rock/ground giant lizard Pokemon as evolution of steelix but later said nope it was a myth.

What you get when you combine Tyranitar and Onix - ABBCC

In ancient times this Pokemon was falsely found.

Hey, there is no Pokemon called tyrannix.

52 Nincada

Nincada is the best Pokemon by far. A set of Endure/Final Gambit/Snore/Spite can beat every other Pokemon. I can solo 100000000000000000000000 Arceus with it alone. I even beat my friend's Final Gambit Shedinja, and Shedinja is the second best Pokemon because it takes no damage from Arceus's Judgement, but its pre-evolution is superior.

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53 Mega Garchomp

He has a good physical attack water won't be super effective

Why isn't mega gar chomp there he can knock out like all Pokemon that comes in his face.he can learn different moves like draco meator and other strong moves

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54 Diglett

Also He Looks Like A Hotdog.

-Still Haven't Changed your Mind, Time To Re-Read!

55 Cranidos

He should be number because of he has the highest attack

56 Rhyhorn

I first got my fire red Rhyhorn in safari zone. His/her speed is 48 when I first got it. I like it when he/she uses rock blast many times. He evolve to Rhydon at lv.42! Why it's so long to evolve it? The Horn drill, of course, it's a ONE HIT KO ATTACK and sometimes misses too when evolved (I really don't remember when he/she learn it). I also teach earthquake and Rock smash.

I got my fire red rhyhorn at safari zone. His/her speed is 48 when I first got it. It evolves to a rhydon at lv.42(why could it be so long) and I got my rhyhorn at lv.25. Its ability is Rock head. The Horn Drill, of course, is a ONE HIT KO ATTACK and sometimes misses when rhydon (or rhyhorn) learn it. I also teach Earthquake to him/her. I like it if he/she uses Rock blast many times.

Plus, Rhyhorn's voice is almost similar to my Charizard's voice! How odd...

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58 Whiscash

My personal favorite Pokemon ever. With E-Quake, Surf, Rockslide, and maybe Waterfall it's an all around good Ground type.

59 Camerupt

He is really slow but can kinda can tank attacks

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60 Boldore

Come On! Shiny boldore looks amizing and I personally like boldore's desighn better!

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