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61 Rhyhorn

I first got my fire red Rhyhorn in safari zone. His/her speed is 48 when I first got it. I like it when he/she uses rock blast many times. He evolve to Rhydon at lv.42! Why it's so long to evolve it? The Horn drill, of course, it's a ONE HIT KO ATTACK and sometimes misses too when evolved (I really don't remember when he/she learn it). I also teach earthquake and Rock smash.

I got my fire red rhyhorn at safari zone. His/her speed is 48 when I first got it. It evolves to a rhydon at lv.42(why could it be so long) and I got my rhyhorn at lv.25. Its ability is Rock head. The Horn Drill, of course, is a ONE HIT KO ATTACK and sometimes misses when rhydon (or rhyhorn) learn it. I also teach Earthquake to him/her. I like it if he/she uses Rock blast many times.

Plus, Rhyhorn's voice is almost similar to my Charizard's voice! How odd...

62 Aron Aron

Sturdy, endevor, shell bell, sandstorm support=awesome

63 Boldore

Come On! Shiny boldore looks amizing and I personally like boldore's desighn better!

64 Bastiodon Bastiodon

He has great defense. He should be in the top 10 at least-number 53!?!?

Metal burst is a good move for him add rock slide iron head earthquake you good to go for roark and his dad too plus ice type gym leader watch out for frolass

65 Crystal Onix

A crystal rock snake. It is very powerful because it ignores water attacks. The attacks from which all rock types are of fear, but he is of fear of fire attacks. A Pokemon who is magnificent.

This Pokemon is amazing and found in only one cave in orange islands.

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66 Omanyte

It is just found extinct. This Pokemon is cute because of it's whiskers.

67 Tirtouga

It is discovered from a fossil. It is proturtle Pokemon. This rock/water Pokemon can go half mile depth on water.

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68 Hippowdon Hippowdon

This is an awesome ground type pokemon, at level 100 it has 420 Hp, 355 Attack, 368 defense, 258 Special Attack, 267 Special defense, and 212 speed. This puts him at a total of 1880 points this is only 320 points lower than a level 100 Zekrom or Reshiram or even Raquaza. Even at base level he has a total of 525 points that is the same as Torterra. - Foggy

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