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81 Bed of Roses - Bon Jovi

one of the greatest rock ballads
it made the album keep the faith to one of the best selling rock albums - richie4life

For me that's, the best Bon Jovi Ballad; very good solo. Great work. I Hope they could do such song now;

This is my favorite song! So beautiful and it was written when Jon was recovering from a hangover. The first verse is priceless.

Bed Of Roses deserves a place at leaast in the top 10. Its soothing and rocking at the same time-a perfect blend! Cheers, Bon Jovi! You R-O-C-K!

82 Far Away - Nickelback
83 Somewhere Only We Know - Keane

Great song, quite hypnotizing, and the voice...

84 Alive - Pearl Jam
85 Old Man - Neil Young
86 Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's

Rock ballads? Lol... Lost in translations...

87 Melissa - The Allman Brothers Band
88 Every Breath You Take - The Police

They would appear to be beautiful lyrics - except they are all about cctv laugh out loud

89 July Morning - Uriah Heep
90 Mechanical Animals - Marilyn Manson
91 Let It Be - The Beatles

Good song. Maybe not the best but probably better than some of the others on the list. - Leosco

92 Re-Arranged - Limp Bizkit
93 Missing You - The Babys
94 Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
95 As Tears Go By - The Rolling Stones
96 Fantasia Bulan Madu - Search

Simple but the guitar went deep inside my heart. Who are they? Never heard of them

Extraordinary, solely driven by Hillary's acoustic plucks... - littlebee

This is a Malaysian rock group. They are indeed a legend in Malaysia ;) The drumming, the guitars licks and the lyrics is FANTASTICS.

Rock band from Malaysia.
The best band ever.. Should listen with their others song alos such as isi dan kulit, derap komando, fenomena, isabella and many more.. Hundred of pure rock ballad songs.. Respect

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97 Forever - Kiss

Under rated because of the gimmick and the slight detour in the 1980's, but one hell of a rock band

98 My Heart Draws a Dream - L'arc~en~Ciel

this is not a dream of only one person but everybody, just hear the song and understand it including the music video with children of different races - ronluna

99 I'm With You - Avril Lavigne

Stupid lyrics...

Best song about loneliness so far...

100 When Love & Hate Collide - Def Leppard

Passionate vocals and amazing lyrics combined to give this classic master piece... I don't really understand how people listen to stupid bands like green day?

very relaxing love song of def leppard - ronluna

one of best ballads of def leppard - ronluna

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