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101 Karma Killer - Robbie Williams

One of the best rock songs

102 Carrie - Europe

Europe the best band ever! Powerful moving ballads, true guitar solos! fantastic!

Why is it only in 54th place? Seriously?

The best song of a band who deserd to be most famous

103 When the Smoke Is Going Down - Scorpions

Come on people... This song can put you in a different world all together... When the guitar starts playing... You can't stop but find yourself lost in the smoke of the SCORPIONS...

This song should be number 1. Search this song on YouTube right now! An amazing and beautiful ballad.

104 Shallow Sleep - Hyde

hyde's beautiful, tender voice, the memorable melody, and these lyrics...

In a shallow sleep I dreamt I was seeing you
Just how I remembered
Brimming with tenderness
And somewhere in the calm
A feeling that nothing had ever changed
Your presence close beside me till I wake

- excerpt from Shallow Sleep, lyrics and music by HYDE

105 Everlong - The Foo Fighters

How is this song on #105? It's perfect

FF best

106 I Won't See You Tonight, Pt. 1 - Avenged Sevenfold

Good song but totally overrated, so sorry, maybe after some evolution of the bands chemie

107 The Long and Winding Road - The Beatles
108 Ride On - AC/DC

nothing but the best from the legendary Bon Scot and Angus Young

The true number 1! The pretty voice of the legendary Bon Scott and the clean guitar sound of the guitar god Angus Young... Just awesome!

109 Catch the Rainbow - Rainbow

from "On Stage" live album.. sublime. - Meaker

We believed to catch the rainbow

110 Unintended - Muse
111 Miles Away - Winger

One of the best rock ballads EVER! - ne6tastnika

112 Mama, I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne

Brilliant Young Zakk Wylde on Accoustic-, Clean and Electricguitar and what a nice awesome Solo.
One of the Greatest OZZY SONGS!

113 The Day You Said Goodnight - Hale
114 Beth - Kiss

Should be a top ten all time rock ballad song. The orchestra score for this song is so moving. Unexpected from this band. One of their best songs ever!

The first rock ballad I ever heard. Simple but poignant, missing the girl.

Great single from peter Criss the Kiss Drummer

Why isn't this song in the top tens? :(

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115 Don't Close Your Eyes - Kix

This song is a great power balad

116 Yellow - Coldplay
117 My Immortal - Evanescence

This should be number one. Evanescene forever. Amy has the most agelic voice in earth and heaven!

118 The Sound Of Silence - Disturbed

Utterly amazing performance, cover versions usually leave me cold but this is astounding. Hairs on The back of my neck stand to attention. So so good it rivals nothing else matters which is the biggest compliment I can give.

One of the best covers ever made

119 I Can't Tell You Why - Eagles
120 Mama Said - Metallica
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