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1 Metallica vs Megadeth

ah yes, the rivalry of metallica and megadeth. well without dave, kirk woulnt of got started, and kirk usauly only makes solos to the songs written by ulrich or hetfield, but the only riff he did write, was metallicas best riff. howether, mustaine was, is, and always will be better than kirk or hetfield. his music is genuinly better, but his best albums were with marty friedman, and he's gone now. really in the end, this rivalry is a stupid revenge on metallica due to mustaines booting from the band... but megadeth are better! - lezakattack

Hell yeah.. Both bands have got history..!
Both are awesome.. But anyway Metallica is better..
Both have kinda similar song too..!

This rivalary is a headache to a metallica or megadeth fan. I like them both but I like metallica better. I like kirks solos better but I think dave is a better guitarist. dave's solos just need to sound cleaner.


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2 Guns n Roses vs Nirvana

Though close, I feel that The Nirvana Unplugged album is what really sets Nirvana on top of the rock genre. In the same vein of The Beatles, with Nirvana you see an evolution. Nirvana began as mostly screaming nonsense with the only real point to make good music, as all the bandmembers have said. By In Utero, and their final performances, Nirvana's music became an art, with stunning music and deep lyrics. Guns n Roses has a great range, but their music doensn't go farther than that really, it just doesn't have as much of an emotion impact, especially if you watch the unplugged performance from Nirvana.

GUNS N' ROSES BEATS NIRVANA ALL THE WAY! Nirvana is SO overrated. People tried to see some kind of deep meaning in Cobain's lyrics that just wasn't there. Even though they broke up, GNR is always number one in my book!

Nirvana they defined a music genre guns n roses is good but their fan base is full of people who are so close minded when it comes to music that they think guns and roses is the best at every aspect when they don't even come close to being compared with the legends - Isaac15

Guns are better but are kind of underrated because no one brings up their evolution which is really obvious just compare appetite to the illusions albums. plus nirvana are massively overrated but unplugged is pretty good even though its unoriginal

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3 Led Zeppelin vs Queen

Queen wind this one

Queen no contest for sure.

Queen is 1000 times better Zeppelin stole half of their biggest hits and more Queen are the best live performers ever and Bohemian Rhapsody is the best song ever and Freddie the best vocalist in what way in Zep better?

zepp easy

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4 The Rolling Stones vs The Beatles

The Stones - more rock and less pop. - Metal_Treasure

How is this not number 1. They were two of the greatest rock bands of all time (if not the two greatest rock bands.). They had a legendary rivalry

The 2 greatest bands of all time. Period.

Rolling stones

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5 Iron Maiden vs Judas Priest

COME ON, HOW is this not on here already? - UFasten8Me

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6 AC/DC vs Deep Purple

Deep Purple was most talented rock band ever (LORD, GILLAN, BLACKMORE, PAICE, Glover(smoke on the water)):PPP

Deep Purple wins but I will always love AC/DC, too. - Metal_Treasure

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7 Queen vs Aerosmith

Queen v.s. Aerosmith, Aerosmiths good, but not Queen, Queen wrote so many great songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, We are the Champions, so Queen all the way

HA HA HA! Queen would totally win. No Aerosmith song can match ANY Queen song! Are you crazy? Freddie's got the voice, Brian wins for guitar, Deacy SO wins for bass no matter what and Roger is going to SMASH Roger!

Aerosmith is still making albums, have a huge fan base, they tour, and they are, and always have been the greatest band of all time

Queen - zxm

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8 Led Zeppelin vs Van Halen V 2 Comments
9 Green Day vs Nickleback

Green Day wins because people like them - UsernameHere

I like NICKEL BACK so I vote for them

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10 Slip Knot vs System of a Down

System of a Down wins every battle! - moose4life19

System of a Down's songs have to be some of the most unique sounds I've ever heard

Slipknot is the best. Stay sic fellow maggots!

System is good nu metal (somewhat of an oxymoron) slipknot is emo

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11 Black Sabbath vs. Deep Purple

Deep Purple - better musicianship, better live.

Sabbath by a long shot. More inflential, better albums, better musicians, more original

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12 Linkin Park vs Avenged Sevenfold

Linkin Park wins always every battle.

Linkin Park, avenged made one actually good album. Both overrated though.

Avenged Sevenfold wins, they have a big variety and all sounds really good

Linkin park is the best

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13 Black Sabbath vs. Iron Maiden

You think Dio with Black Sabbath? Mabye in heaven in hell. But on Mob Rules what happend to his voice?! With Ozzy it was better... But Iron Maiden beats Black Sabbath. Iron Maiden never do bad. Live there still great 2016! Especially compared to Guns N' Roses. Axel rose drink and smoked out his voice. Plus he wont even let fans were a slash t shirt to his live concerts even though slash is there... he also shows up late most of the time. Not even loyal to his fans... bit back on track, Iron Maiden is the best!

Which Black Sabbath though?
Black Sabbath with Ozzy - easily, Iron Maiden wins.
Black Sabbath with Dio - a tough one. Tie? - Metal_Treasure

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14 Iron Maiden vs Ozzy Osbourne V 3 Comments
15 Alice In Chains vs. Nirvana

Sure, Nirvana was more influential, but Alice in Chains is one of the most amazing bands of all time. Nirvana did pretty basic stuff, where as Alice in Chains was much more complicated and had more variety. So, Alice In Chains

I'm going to pick Alice in Chains, because while Nirvana revolutionized grunge rock, Alice in Chains perfected it.

Oh This Is Tough Gonna With Nirvana But AIC Is Right Behind Them. - FettiMC

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16 Boston vs Chicago

Whoever added this one is a genius. The sense of humor made my day - sounds like a baseball match but there are such bands! - Metal_Treasure

Too hard to decide. Both are great bands

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17 Led Zeppelin vs Heart

Led Zeppelin would cause Ann and Nancy Wilson to die of a heart attack. Led Zeppelin are in the RnR Hall of Fame and are still selling out concerts everywhere plus Stairway to Heaven still ranks as the greatest rock song ever. Heart doesn't have any songs that comes close.

This is like the Beatles vs Justin Bieber

18 Guns N Roses Vs. Metallica

Metallica is KING and BEAST! Better than Guns N' Roses!

I would have to go with Metallica on this one..

Guns n roses are the best rock band ever no one can beat guns n roses plus guns n roses have slash NO ONE beat slash that's the way it is

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19 Breaking Benjamin vs. Three Days Grace

Great Bands. These bands produced amazing songs such as Breath, Give Me A Sign, and I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. Break, Never To Late, and I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace. The winner is... Breaking Benjamin

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20 Queen vs Pink Floyd
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