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1 Metallica vs Megadeth

Megadeth. I used to prefer Metallica because of Dave Mustaine's vocals but after their first two albums, Metallica's music lost its dynamics and they relied on one riff, one verse and one chorus melody to compose their songs, there are no breaks, no unexpected moments. Sad but True is a prominent example: every single note has the same volume and tone, there are no speed changes, and the Taddaddadda tara rara rara riff is repeated through its whole running time. Megadeth didn't even do this in their commercial era. - Alkadikce


Metallica - DarkBoi-X

ah yes, the rivalry of metallica and megadeth. well without dave, kirk woulnt of got started, and kirk usauly only makes solos to the songs written by ulrich or hetfield, but the only riff he did write, was metallicas best riff. howether, mustaine was, is, and always will be better than kirk or hetfield. his music is genuinly better, but his best albums were with marty friedman, and he's gone now. really in the end, this rivalry is a stupid revenge on metallica due to mustaines booting from the band... but megadeth are better! - lezakattack

2 Guns n Roses vs Nirvana

Both have only a few songs on each album I like, but Guns N' Roses's best song (Estranged) is better than any Nirvana song, so I'll go with Guns N' Roses - Alkadikce

Nirvana - DarkBoi-X

GUNS N' ROSES BEATS NIRVANA ALL THE WAY! Nirvana is SO overrated. People tried to see some kind of deep meaning in Cobain's lyrics that just wasn't there. Even though they broke up, GNR is always number one in my book!

Though close, I feel that The Nirvana Unplugged album is what really sets Nirvana on top of the rock genre. In the same vein of The Beatles, with Nirvana you see an evolution. Nirvana began as mostly screaming nonsense with the only real point to make good music, as all the bandmembers have said. By In Utero, and their final performances, Nirvana's music became an art, with stunning music and deep lyrics. Guns n Roses has a great range, but their music doensn't go farther than that really, it just doesn't have as much of an emotion impact, especially if you watch the unplugged performance from Nirvana.

3 Led Zeppelin vs Queen

Queen. Led Zeppelin feels a bit dated and Freddie Mercury could sing the phone book and still make a good song - Alkadikce

QUEEN... The Ultimate Band of All Time!

Queen - DarkBoi-X


4 Iron Maiden vs Judas Priest

Judas Priest stinks of greed. In the 1980s they made glam rock, in 1997, groove metal, a nu-metal song in 2001 and a symphonic metal album in 2008. Always what was popular at the time.

Judas Priest has a snoozefest 13-minute doom metal epic and apart from that, didn't even approach the territory of Steve Harris's epics like Hallowed Be Thy Name, Fear of the Dark, Dance of Death, When the Wild Wind Blows etc. Cathedral Spires could have been their best song but the last 3 minutes is a painful repeat.

Influence doesn't count when it comes to judging which band is better, even though Judas Priest is the older and more influential metal band. Iron Maiden was still very influential towards power metal and early Slayer to say two examples.

Iron Maiden wrote songs about a man who committed suicide because of being afraid of the apocalypse, the multitude of faith and science, some lyrics based on sci-fi novels or historical events. Some of Judas Priest's lyrical genius ...more - Alkadikce

Iron Maiden - DarkBoi-X

This a truly hard question for me. I am a MASSIVE fan of both amazing bands. Painkiller, The Number Of The Beast, Screaming for vengeance, Piece Of Mind and Firepower are the albums that I can not name a single song on them that isn't classic Priest/Maiden.

They both are equal on a lot of things; riffs, vocals, guitar work and sound production. But, after much debate, I have concluded on Maiden. I will always still love Priest though.

I go with Maiden. Although I like Judas Priest too. - Userguy44

5 Alice In Chains vs. Nirvana

Definitely Alice In Chains. - Soulstealer

Nirvana - DarkBoi-X

Alice In Chains! - Userguy44

Sure, Nirvana was more influential, but Alice in Chains is one of the most amazing bands of all time. Nirvana did pretty basic stuff, where as Alice in Chains was much more complicated and had more variety. So, Alice In Chains

6 The Rolling Stones vs The Beatles

Sorry, Rolling Stones, even though I like you guys and that I'm listening to a song of yours right now, I have to go for The Beatles. - Misfire

THE STONES! The Beatles have been done to death on this website. They've been overrated to the max and beyond.

Stones. - Userguy44

The Stones - more rock and less pop. - Metal_Treasure

7 30 Seconds to Mars vs. Rise Against

Incomparable Rise Against is a Punk/Hardcore Band and Thirty Seconds to Mars is an Alternative Rock Band.
Thirty Seconds to Mars easily wins. - Soulstealer

Winner is 30 Seconds To Mars. Just my a little.

and 30STM Takes the prize wins for sure :P - Bo0o0oreD

Rise Against would win

8 Slip Knot vs System of a Down

System of a Down, Slipknot is too much focused on being heavy - Alkadikce

System Of A Down - DarkBoi-X

System of a Down wins every battle! - moose4life19

System of a Down's songs have to be some of the most unique sounds I've ever heard

9 Green Day vs Nickleback

Nickleback - xEliHbkx

Green Day! No hate on Nickelback though. - Misfire

Green Day - DarkBoi-X

Green Day wins because people like them - UsernameHere

10 AC/DC vs Deep Purple

Deep Purple duh. - Userguy44

Deep Purple was most talented rock band ever (LORD, GILLAN, BLACKMORE, PAICE, Glover(smoke on the water)):PPP

Deep Purple wins but I will always love AC/DC, too. - Metal_Treasure

Deep Purple - zxm

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11 Queen vs Aerosmith

Queen even though I like both. - Misfire

Queen - DarkBoi-X

Queen, but Aerosmith is good too. - Userguy44

Queen v.s. Aerosmith, Aerosmiths good, but not Queen, Queen wrote so many great songs like Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, We are the Champions, so Queen all the way

12 Led Zeppelin vs Van Halen

Led Zeppelin, Van Halen is too glammish for my taste - Alkadikce

Van Halen. - Userguy44

my name says who will win
- Led_Zepplin_Is_The_Best

Van Halen. No questions.

13 Black Sabbath vs. Deep Purple

Deep Purple for pretty much the same reasons I prefer Megadeth over Metallica. Black Sabbath's riffs are repeated too much and the lack of variation makes it exhausting to listen to them (notable example: Electric Funeral). - Alkadikce

Black Sabbath by far!

Deep Purple! - Userguy44

Deep Purple - better musicianship, better live.

14 Breaking Benjamin vs. Three Days Grace

Breaking Benjamin, but Three Days Grace is great too. - Soulstealer

Great Bands. These bands produced amazing songs such as Breath, Give Me A Sign, and I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. Break, Never To Late, and I Hate Everything About You by Three Days Grace. The winner is... Breaking Benjamin

I would've chose Three Days Grace if Adam stayed. I have nothing against Matt, in fact, I actually think he's doing great with the band, but the only vocalist that can even come close to Ben Burnley in my opinion is Adam Gontier.

15 Alice in Chains vs. Soundgarden
16 Avenged Sevenfold vs. Disturbed

Winner is Avenged Sevenfold

I find it really funny how my two favorite bands are on here, head to head.

They're tied, dammit. - thunder850

Both of these bands are pretty terrible.


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17 Linkin Park vs Avenged Sevenfold

Linkin Park because of the vocals - Alkadikce

Linkin Park - DarkBoi-X

Linkin Park by far! - Userguy44

Linkin Park wins always every battle.

18 Pearl Jam vs Nirvana

Pearl Jam is so much better. - Soulstealer

Pearl Jam. Nirvana is so overrated! - Userguy44

personally I like NIRVANA better but o well -

Pearl Jam for me

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19 Dio vs Ozzy

Dio! - Userguy44

Dios a better singer but sabbath was better with ozzy

20 Linkin Park vs Green Day

Linkin Park, I hate Green Day's nasal sleepy vocals and not a fan of pop-punk as a whole - Alkadikce

Green Day, maybe? - Misfire

Linkin Park - DarkBoi-X

Linkin Park

21 Avenged Sevenfold vs Muse
22 Iron Maiden vs Ozzy Osbourne

Iron Maiden. Always. m/

That's hard... But IRON MAIDEN


Maiden - zxm

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23 The Beatles vs. Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd - DarkBoi-X

The Beatles. Sowwy... Lol - Misfire

Pink Floyd. - Userguy44

Pink Floyd is the best of all times...

24 Guns N Roses Vs. Metallica

Metallica - DarkBoi-X

Metallica. - Userguy44

Metallica is KING and BEAST! Better than Guns N' Roses!

I would have to go with Metallica on this one..

25 Black Sabbath vs. Iron Maiden

I like Iron Maiden more
I respect Black Sabbath more - Alkadikce

Iron Maiden - DarkBoi-X

Iron Maiden. - Userguy44

I like Black Sabbath more, but Maiden is up there - SoldierOfFortune

26 KoRn vs System Of A Down


Sorry corn your good but system has one of the most uneak sounds.


27 Nickleback vs Foo Fighters

This Is No Contest-Foo Fighters Wins - FettiMC

28 System of a Down vs Metallica

System Of A Down - DarkBoi-X

Metallica. - Userguy44

Metallica, they're just that good

29 AFI vs. Rise Against
30 Foo Fighters vs. Nirvana

Probably Foo Fighters. - Soulstealer

Nirvana - DarkBoi-X

This is hard. I go with Nirvana. - Userguy44

That's not really fair because there both connected and if Nirvana didn't give Dave Grohl his fame then Foo Fighters might not have been big. In my opinion I like them both.

31 Marilyn Manson vs. Nine Inch Nails

Nine Inch Nails - DarkBoi-X

NIN. Trent had more passion, and they just amazing


32 Blur vs Oasis vs Suede vs Pulp

Oasis. - zxm

33 Boston vs Chicago

Boston I’d say. Lol. Love da joke - DaringXx

Whoever added this one is a genius. The sense of humor made my day - sounds like a baseball match but there are such bands! - Metal_Treasure

Too hard to decide. Both are great bands

boston - zxm

34 Led Zeppelin vs Heart

Led Zeppelin would cause Ann and Nancy Wilson to die of a heart attack. Led Zeppelin are in the RnR Hall of Fame and are still selling out concerts everywhere plus Stairway to Heaven still ranks as the greatest rock song ever. Heart doesn't have any songs that comes close.

This is like the Beatles vs Justin Bieber

35 Papa Roach vs. Three Days Grace

Who win the band

36 Queen vs Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd, their music has more emotion and I think it will stand the test of time better - Alkadikce

Pink Floyd - DarkBoi-X

QUEEN - Misfire

This is the hardest question ever! I go with 50/50. Both bands are legendary! - Userguy44

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37 Red Hot Chili Peppers vs Nirvana

Red Hot Chili Peppers, but my decision might do more with quantity than quality. - Alkadikce

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Nirvana - DarkBoi-X


38 Aerosmith Vs. Van Halen

Aerosmith! - Misfire

Aerosmith. - Userguy44

39 Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple

Led Zeppelin all the way!

Deep Purple wins! - Userguy44

Deep Purple. Most talented musician. a lot of great songs.

40 Dream Theater vs. Rush

Dream Theater. - zxm


41 The Who vs Led Zeppelin

The Who! - Userguy44

Their music is incredibly similar. Moon vs Bonham, Roger vs Robert. That'd be amazing. - shallowcal

42 Muse vs. Smashing Pumpkins

The Smashing Pumpkins. - Soulstealer

Muse. - Userguy44

43 Linkin Park vs. Shinedown

Linkin Park... Bigger name and more hits

44 AC/DC vs. Nirvana

Nirvana, but why does this face-off exist? It's like cats vs hamsters - Alkadikce

Nirvana - DarkBoi-X

AC/DC. - Userguy44

Ac/Dc - intensity. Nirvana - writing. And ac/dc had more members, and got weak, but we do what woulda happened with nirvana. I say nirvana though.

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45 The Ramones vs the Clash

The Clash. - Userguy44

46 Maroon 5 vs. Coldplay


Old Maroon 5. - Misfire

Coldplay. - Userguy44

Coldplay'S music is more soothing and they have composed some of the best guitar riffs ever.

47 Muse vs. Radiohead


Muse, I guess. My brother would probably kill me if I asked this to him. He loves both bands. - Misfire


Radiohead - DarkBoi-X

48 Nine Inch Nails vs. Ministry
49 Korn vs. Slipknot

Slipknot - DarkBoi-X

Korn sorry slip knot...

50 Pink Floyd vs Rush

Pink Floyd, I might go with Rush if not for the vocals - Alkadikce

Pink Floyd. - Userguy44

rush - zxm

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