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41 AC/DC vs. Van Halen

AC/DC - zxm

42 30 Seconds to Mars vs. Rise Against

Winner is 30 Seconds To Mars. Just my a little.

and 30STM Takes the prize wins for sure :P - Bo0o0oreD

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43 Papa Roach vs. Three Days Grace

Who win the band

44 Maroon 5 vs. Coldplay

Coldplay'S music is more soothing and they have composed some of the best guitar riffs ever.

Coldplay win this one. I like Maroon 5, but Coldplay are better.

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45 Linkin Park vs Green Day

Green Day - zxm

46 Linkin Park vs. Evanescence

Everyone, winner is... :DRAW!
Linkin Park 0-0 Evanescence!
So why?
Because are two my favorite bands, forever.
Chester, Mike and Amy is for the wins. Love you guys!
Go Linkin Park, Go Evanescence!
Should be number 1!

My two favorite bands.

47 Pink Floyd vs. The Doors

Pink Floyd is superior!

Doors all the way!

Both psych gods,but the floyd just kept on progressing.

Floyd - zxm

48 Avenged Sevenfold vs Muse
49 Muse vs. Radiohead

Radiohead because Muse is a ripoff of them and Queen

muse - zxm

50 Led Zeppelin vs. Pink Floyd
51 The Killers vs. Green Day
52 Van Halen vs. Van Hagar
53 Rush vs Queen

Queen all the way

queen - zxm

54 Nirvana vs Pixies
55 Def Leppard vs Quiet Riot

Definitely Leppard would smash them.#Pour Some Sugar On Me

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56 Pink Floyd vs The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The Jimi Hendrix Expirience - FettiMC

Pink Floyd sucks I put them in the catagory of abba

57 Jet vs Wolfmother
58 Papa Roach vs. Buckcherry

Winner is Papa Roach. THIS IS MY LAST RESORT!

59 Paramore vs. Flyleaf

IM SO SICK of Paramore so the winner is Flyleaf.

60 Slipknot vs. Killswitch Engage

basically any KsE song would dominate their entire career.. take the second half of 'Just Barely Breathing' for example. Even take One Last Sunset. SLipknot is kinda for kids.

Winner is Killswitch Engage. Slipknot has worn off on me.

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