Best Drummers

Toolarmy I'm not going to bash you kids for not knowing anything about drummers. If you like the music then thats fine with me, but its when the word "best" is used....thats when I roll my eyes. "30 Seconds to Mars"........seriously? Lets take this band and put them in with oh say.....Hawthorne Heights or friggin Simple Plan. The best drummers are the ones who set the bar for other drummers and themselves. It' all about playing your style and your emotion.....thats what music is, art.

It makes me sick to see that people are so strong to their word to say that "blah" is the best drummer......but what kind of music? How hard would it be to copy? I can play 30 seconds to mars drum tabs all day long! They are basic drum tabs that have no feeling, but to keep up with the guitar thats playing power chords.

Please do not insult the "best" drummers out there. Nobody is gonna remember this friggin guy. You might as well say that Alkaline Trio has the best base line in its songs.

My favorite drummers and I am being very noble:

1. John Bonham
2. Neil Peart (Rush)
3. Danny Carey (TOOL)
4. Keith Moon (The Who)
5. Lars (Metallica)

Keep in mind that I was able to mix "metal" and "classic rock"